Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear Tory

Dear Tory,

Today you graduated high school. I'm blown away that the same timid and beautifully awkward 12 year old girl I met 6 years ago is now the coolest person I know. I just wanted to say on this day of reflection, that you have always been such a shining light in my life. From the moment I met you, I wanted to be a better person for you. Wanted to know your thoughts. Wanted to know you better.

And now you are grown. A few years shy of the age I was when I met your father. You've transformed before my eyes into an artist, a writer, a woman, a friend. I'm so excited to see what you become in this next phase of your life as you break away from your small town and enter the exciting world of college. I know you will LOVE having the time and space to really explore who you are, what you think, what you love,  what you believe, what you want. I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds.

Congratulations to you, my sweet Tory.

And by the way, go get em.

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Amira said...

Congratulations to Tory on graduating!

Beautiful letter, lady :)