Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here's What You've Missed

In case you used to read my blog and you're like "where's this chick been for, I don't know--4 years", here's what you've missed in a super abbreviated fast-forward version.

Everleigh is now SIX! 6.5 to be precise. I know. It's crazy. So there it is. Since I last wrote, we have moved twice, she graduated preschool and started kindergarten, and is now in first grade. You've missed birthday parties and lost baby teeth, ballet classes and monkey bar accomplishments. She continues to be one of the coolest people I know.

Scott graduated from art school, retired his SAHD status and is working full time at a prestigious art museum. His new work is so incredible, I wouldn't dare put it here until he has an exhibit.We lost his mother to cancer, which was really difficult--she would have loved to meet her newest grand baby.

I switched companies and am now working somewhere amazing doing therapy with kids, teens, and adults using talk therapy, sand tray therapy, play therapy, hiking/nature therapy, art therapy. It's a great fit for me and I love it.

And now little Emerson is almost 6 months old and growing every day. More on her soon. Feel caught up? Good! Let's jump right in.

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