Thursday, September 8, 2011

Everleigh's Room! 2 Years in the Making

At long last we've put the finishing touches on Everleigh's room. And while it's possible we'll get bored with it or she will want a change in the future, I'm pretty happy with the way it came together. I originally created the concept for her room by picking out fabric. I wanted lots of yellow and green, with pink and aqua highlights and maybe some red just for fun.

I have to say I'm SO please with the way we were able to marry old and new, handmade and store-bought. In the end, the pieces we found from Target matched the other fabrics so well, it seemed planned (but was totally NOT).

I found the green "tree" fabric that covers the chair, and picked out the yellow from the curtains, and the white/yellow patterned fabric, as well as the hot pink that you see in her pillow and in small details throughout.

My Mom (who is amazing. Thank you!!!) sewed the cafe curtains with the little ric-rac, the chair cover on her rocker, the blanket on the chair back and Everleigh's pink pillow. She also made a beautiful crib skirt that didn't get much use, since Ev rejected her crib and opted for a big girl bed at 12 months.

An Emily Martin print I ordered while pregnant flanks the curtains, while 3 salvaged brown crates reveal the birds and whale Scott and I hand-sewed while pregnant with Little E.

 On top of the middle crate is a little leather hat Scott wore as a toddler in the 70's, and the Alice in Wonderland doll was handmade by Tory and her grandmother.

Fun and simple organization!

Everleigh's record player--just like one I had as a kid

The outfit I wore home from the hospital, along with my pink hospital bracelet framed by Scott

Wall decals from Target
Everleigh's big girl bed with a mix of Target quilt and pillow shams along with homemade pillows

Handmade "Everleigh" crafted by our 88 year old neighbor

Scott's old toy box
So there you have it :) Our old/new/vintage/handmade/store-bought blend. Thank you to all of you who made items for her room. What a beautiful gifts for her to have sweet early memories of! The most important thing of all? Everleigh LOVES it!


Rachel said...

That turned out great - so beautiful! I love that it's filled with sentimental items.

amira said...

(I don't know how I missed all of these posts of yours! I need to double check my reader because nothing has been coming up...oyi!)

LOVE Ev's room. It's so perfectly blended with sentimental and child-friendly things. The colors, theme, fabrics--everything. Wonderful room! (I'm jealous of a toddler:))