Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lately I've been struggling to get into blogger mode. The truth is, since moving our internet connection is "on the border of a dead zone", so our connection pretty much sucks. This makes blogging, adding pics to facebook, etc feel like a giant 2-hour long chore rather than a way to share fun snippets with family and friends. I'm working on it and we should have a solution soon. So... sorry for the long boring stretches of nothingness.

 If I'm totally honest, I also feel that as Everleigh gets older, my writing and blog topics may have to change a bit as well. I will likely not do monthly posts anymore, and instead will do quarterly updates...babies just change at a way faster rate than toddlers and I don't want you guys to feel like I'm writing the same things over and over each month. I'm also working on incorporating more recipes, lifestyle pieces, and posts about staying plugged in with creative family activities and outings (art, music, etc.). In addition, I plan to start writing more about my work as a therapist and the interesting balance of work and home the mental health field demands. Basically, I want it to reflect me and my life as a mom a little better. I started psyching myself out when I would have ideas, thinking, "that's not interesting enough to do a post on" etc. So this me turning a new blog leaf ;) If you're still reading, hang in there and thanks for reading.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Dear Everleigh,

This month you turned 2! You are such a big girl and we are so proud of you. The past two years have flown by, but the changes have seemed to happen slowly. Now, when I look back at pictures of you from a year ago, I am blown away by how different you were at your first birthday. You're such a little person now...crazy.

Here's what's new with you:

Poor baby with a cold, rocking out your happy napper
Stats: you still weigh only 24 pounds, which I suspect is about to change (see below). But you keep getting taller and you're outgrowing your shoes quicker than we can buy them, and you're happy and healthy so we know you're on the right track.

You asked me to put this on you and take your picture ;)

Eating like there's no tomorrow: you must be growing, little one, because lately you can't get enough food. Especially if said food belongs to someone else. Your favorite foods are: popcorn, chicken, blueberries, veggie chips, prunes, string cheese, bagels, and yogurt. But if someone else is eating something, it suddenly becomes exactly what you wanted too.

Sleeping like a big girl: after weaning you at night, you have slept SO much better that I now feel ridiculous for not having done it sooner. You also recently started letting me go through the nighttime routine with you (bath, milk, PJ's, brushing teeth, saying night night to Daddy, reading books, lamp off, sleepy time) and then leave you in there awake in bed, all tucked in until you fall asleep. Prior to this, if I tried to leave, you'd freak out and want me to stay in there with you until you fell asleep. We are SO happy that you are handling the new routine like a champ and we're all getting more rest.

Saying hilarious things: you talk A LOT. We love it. Recently a kid in your daycare said "Everleigh can talk!!!" when I came to pick you up. This is true. Everleigh CAN talk. And talk. And talk. And talk. You typically do a running commentary on everything that's happening at any given moment. "Mommy, are you doing the dishes?" "Daddy, you're making the bed!" Yes, nothing gets by you.

Sensitivity: you also recently started noticing others' feelings. Now you ask me several times a day, "What's wrong Mommy?" Sometimes you say this when I've just sighed because I'm stuck in traffic or spilled the juice I was trying to put away. Sometimes you simply ask out of the blue, which makes me worry that I'm putting off some kind of negative vibe. I think you just learned that phrase somewhere, and you really want to make sure everyone's ok, which is so sweet.

Polar bears: your new obsession. You fell in love with the polar bear at the zoo, and ever since that's all you talk about. You frequently ask me to draw a polar bear with chalk, and you hunt for polar bears in all your books.

Hair talk: you've finally gotten a bit more hair (this has been a long process for you, but I have faith that you will sport gorgeous locks someday!) and to celebrate, you have started allowing me to clip your bangs back with barrettes or pull your hair into piggies. I try not to be all hung up on how you look anyways --you're perfect in my eyes. But it helps to have a bit more hair and bit less mullet happening.

Pool party: you love spending hot summer days in your little pool out back--something that's been coming in handy in this 90+ degree summer heat. I think even more than swimming, you love putting on your different swimsuits and prancing around.

You are such a joy to be with. I really feel blessed every day by your optimism, sense of humor, and curiosity. We love you so much!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Big Girl!


Thursday, June 7, 2012


Lately, Ev has taken to stating things and then asking them back in the form of a question (or vice versa).

Last week at the CVS, I held her in the feminine product aisle and she said (regarding the pads and tampons) "Mommy, are you getting diapers? Diapers for Mommy!".  Super loud. It was awesome. Or she'll say, "Mommy is eating a popsicle pop. Mommy? Are you eating a popsicle pop?" 

Today Ev wasn't feeling well and she said to Scott, "Daddy? Do you want to hold me?". Smooth.

It's oh so cute and I pretty much love it. Except when she calls me out at the store ;) 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


We celebrated Everleigh's 2nd birthday this past Saturday (even though her actual birthday isn't until Wednesday). We could not have hoped for a more beautiful day to have a party at the park! I got all craftsy, and attempted to make this the best party ever, while still keeping in mind that the most important thing was that Everleigh had a good time :) Scott mocked me saying, "if you keep this up, she'll expect a birthday party every year". Don't worry Ev, mommy's got your back on this one ;)

Here are some shots of the party!

My sweet little birthday puppy! Photo by Bryan Bail

Little puppy cups with "dirt 'n' worms"

Homemade puppy ears


My homemade paw cupcakes

Handmade felt birthday sign

Puppy snacks

Ev's adorable pigtails and a vintage top

Puppy friends!

Going for the birthday cupcake

Because every great party includes a costume change (wings and tutu were gifts from our dear friends Natalie and Sage)

Playing with birthday toys in the sun

How you know she enjoyed the party...