Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Time

Well, it is 3 days past Christmas and I'm finally recovering from all the love, smiles, hugs, and yummy food I got spoiled with over the holidays.

Here's how our Christmas went down:

after rocking out on Friday night ;), Scott, Ev and I stayed in a hotel in St. Joe. We woke up on Christmas Eve and had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel with friends (um, well, about as leisurely as you can with a toddler. Basically this means we laughed and enjoyed company while chasing Everleigh down between bites of food.). Then I took Ev for a swim in the hotel pool, which she loved for about 5 minutes, then she just wanted to get out and run around the outside of the pool scaring me half to death.

Later that afternoon, we shared a Christmas ham with Scott's mom, sister, daughter Tory, and 3 year old niece Remi. Everleigh was in hog heaven running around with Remi and trying to open everyone else's presents. She scored some sweet gifts and we all enjoyed some laughs. Then, we headed back to Kansas City to go to MY parent's Christmas shindig. We ate some more, laughed some more, let Everleigh chase around some more, and helped her open presents.

While Ev was much more hip to Christmas this year, she still didn't quite get it, and eventually I think she felt like we were putting her to work opening gifts. She did, however, enjoy the toys!

When we got home Christmas Eve night, we got Ev to sleep, then set about opening up all her toys--a task which required a pair of scissors, a good set of fingernails, some sharp teeth, and lots of patience. How about the way the wrap up kids toys these days? Sheesh! 400 twist ties, 37 rubber bands, 3 curse words, and a pile of cardboard later, her gifts were opened. We decided rather than wrapping them in paper, which she would then not want to open and we would have to open for her, we opted for placing the gift under the tree out of the packaging so she could dive right in. Also, because by then we were feeling extremely lazy.

And wouldn't you know that Christmas morning, Everleigh snuck downstairs at 6AM and without a peep, grabbed a gift (a little panda purse), walked into our room carrying it, and tapped me on the shoulder? When I looked up she was carrying the purse and had a smile on her face the size of Texas. Adorable.

So we did the present thing and watched her play, then I cooked up a special Christmas meal just for us--turkey breast, potatoes, stuffing, canned cranberries (the best), fresh green beans, corn, and hot biscuits. It was a hit with Scotti :)

The rest of the day we were as lazy as you can be with a toddler. We stayed in PJ's and watched Christmas specials on TV. Everleigh enjoyed the old and new versions of the Grinch, and then we all sacked out about 8:30PM. Honestly, it was one of the best Christmas's I've ever had. So much love!

I hope yours was great too!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rock Star for a Night

Sorry I've been out of touch! Friday night bot Scott and I had "reunion" shows with our old bands, so we traveled up to Saint Joseph (only an hour away from Kansas City), to play some music. We took Ev and checked into the downtown hotel, dropped her off at Scott's mom's house, then dolled up and prepped for our night.

I took a loooonnng bath and spent way too long on my hair and makeup just because I could. Then I got all psyched up and went down to the venue to kick the party off. We did a sound check and then hung about, I drank some cocktail concoction with orang juice and chocolate vodka--sounds weird but tastes yummy!

Then we played, and let me tell you--I loved it. At first I was nervous because, well, being on stage is so different from my day to day life and I was worried about getting the parts right. But as soon as we dove in, I forgot all about that and just enjoyed playing and singing and doing my thing. 

We had a pretty decent crowd of old friends, fans, and random peeps who wandered in. Lots of fellow musicians and hippie-types, which was sweet. We passed out kazoos and squirt guns and bubbles (curtesy of Santa and the Dollar Tree), and made it a big party.

Meanwhile, a block away, my hubby Scott rocked out with his old band to a huge crowd (his crowd seemed a little more neck-tatoo, I might fight you types). It was awesome watching him do his thing up there--Scott is an amazing performer and he was straight up getting it with his moves and his stage presence. After watching for a bit, I had to literally run back to my venue to close with a second set, then we picked the girl up from Grandmas and slept at the hotel. 

It was a busy/crazy/awesome night, and it did us both some good to feel like we were rockin, even if just for one night. 

PS: Christmas posts to come!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moving the Week Before Christmas--a Love Story

Note: I wrote this post last week, then in my rush forgot to post it. Boo to me. Since then we have moved and we LOVE our new little house!

We officially have 3 days left until we get keys to our new place, and the big move happens over the weekend. We are so excited about moving into our little house and getting all snuggled in right before Christmas. This means we've pushed back decorating or doing lots of Christmas traditions until we're settled, but it should make for a super fun week leading up to Christmas!

We plan to move some things before we get the truck, like our clothes and dishes and Ev's toys. I just realized yesterday in packing up our 3 bookshelves, that it took TEN boxes just to load up books and bookshelf items (framed pictures and other things on the bookshelf). Crazy. We cannot wait to get to the new place and begin decorating and coming up with new ideas. It will put a real creative bug into our cold winter months, and I couldn't be more thrilled. When we first heard that our rent was going to almost double if we stayed at our current home, we freaked out a little bit. We like it there and it serves us well. But in prepping for this move, we are getting excited about the ways our new home will be different. Everleigh has started noticing houses in her books and saying "Dora's house", "Boot's house" etc. Last night I asked her if she was excited about moving to our new house and she looked at me, nodded her head and said "playroom". She knows!

In thinking about Christmas and the things we want to do at the new house (Scott is so excited he wants to put up lights on the house even though they will only be up for a week), I've been remembering Christmas traditions from my childhood and considering what traditions we want to carry over or invent for our family.

As a kid, I always remember my mom baking sugar cookies and letting us help decorate, weathering the cold to chop down our own Christmas tree, playing Christmas records on the giant record console in our hallway that we were usually not allowed to touch, singing hymns and Christmas songs, sitting by the stone fireplace and watching my dad crack chestnuts and walnuts so we could have a taste, helping decorate the tree and having our own special ornaments, doing the advent calendar, listening to my dad read us Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Biblical Christmas story on Christmas Eve. Then there were Christmas church services and driving around to see the houses with all the lights, caroling with church groups and adopting an "angel tree" family to buy gifts for, helping my parents wrap the gifts they bought for each other in a funny kid-way (too much tape and lots of odd shapes). It was magical. You know what I barely remember? What gifts I got. Because it really didn't matter that much. It was about how it felt. And it felt beautiful.

I hope I can give that same gift to Everleigh, and plan to start this year in our new house--even if we have moving boxes piled up next to the tree.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Don't Know Until You Do

My friend, Nat, and I were recently talking about all the well-intentioned advice you receive when you become a parent (about co-sleeping, bedsharing, cry-it-out, nursing, baby-led weaning, baby wearing, modes of discipline, etc.), and how many times it's conflicting or just plain invasive. The truth is, as a mommy-to-be you can plot and plan and watch all the documentaries and read all the articles and books you can get your hands on, but that all may go out the window once you meet your baby.

Why? Because your baby is YOUR baby. Not the baby of the person who wrote that book. Not the baby of your friend whose kid cried it out one time before sleeping 12 hours a night every night. You may have one idea in your head about the kind of baby you'll have and the kind of mom you'll be, and you could both turn out to be something different entirely. Your child might have special needs or be extra sensitive to stimuli. You may find it much more difficult to be so matter-of-fact with discipline with your flesh and blood than when you were just imagining it, or you may discover some extra patience and gentleness you didn't know you had. Breastfeeding may not work out, or your child may want to nurse longer than you had planned. Your child may love their crib and sleep well right from the get, or you may have a crier on your hands who needs lots of direct contact to regulate.

I definitely had my ideas about what I wanted my birthing and parenting experiences to be like. I pictured myself as a mother, and read up on attachment parenting and breastfeeding. But there are no guarantees. In all my imagining, I never once thought of my baby being colicky. I didn't know I would end up ditching the crib and bedsharing for the first year. I would have never guessed I would be so patient, get so little sleep, or still be nursing at 18 months. Those choices came after I met Eveleigh and got to know her and discovered first-hand what worked (for her and for me) and what didn't.

So to all you new moms and moms-to-be, I would say this: take everyone's advice with a grain of salt. Plan ahead and educate yourself, but know there are always bumps in the road. And realize that your baby will have a big personality and you may have to wait and see who they are before you decide how to best parent them.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Date Night!

Enjoying a beer sample of scotch ale. Yummy!

My attempt to take a picture of my vintage dress and Steve Madden shoes in the ladies' room

This Saturday, Scott and I had a date night (woot!). And it went like this: we dropped Ev off at my Mom and Dad's house and went back home to doll up. Scott smooched me while I was getting ready, and I knocked over a red Christmas candle I had burning and spilled red wax all over the carpet (again, we are about to move and are hoping to get our deposit back!). Scott was like "it is what it is and let's not let it ruin our night". But I was upset. We finished getting ready and found some neat lo-fi underground show thing we wanted to go to. But then we couldn't find the place. Fail. So we made a Plan B. We drove to this neat little bar that usually has live jazz. And upon walking in, we were told the kitchen had runout of food and the band had canceled, and they were closing. Fail. So we made a Plan C and wound up at Grinders, our old stomping grounds from when we lived on 18th Street in our make-shift gallery/loft. Which I should totally write a post about. More on that later. But because of that, we know most of the staff and regular patrons there, and you know what? It wound up being a lovely time.

We got to sample some great beers and we found ourselves joking and laughing just like old times in the company of lots of fellow artists, musicians, architects, and people best classified as "other". We shared a slice of freshly tossed pizza, and chatted the night away until it was time to go get the girl.

A perfect night that went nothing like we planned!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Importance of Staying Connected

Last night I was having one of those nights where you feel overwhelmed by it all--the job, the baby who won't sleep, the bills, the homework, the housework. Feeling tired and lumpy and just plain mad about a zit that decided to be my cherry on top of the already crappy day.

In preparation for our move, I've been cleaning out closets, and I had a bunch of Ev's hand-me-downs to pass on to a friend, so I called her up. And you know what? Even though I miss my friends so much, it was hard for me to go. Ev was fussing in the car, and I just felt...ugly and worn out and so unlike my old self. I considered canceling because frankly, I just wasn't good company. But instead I went. I looked at baby clothes with my friend, talked about how our daughters will be friends one day and how awesome that is, spilled my guts about the bad ways I was feeling and the ways I want to be different.

And then something magical happened. She understood. When my eyes welled up, hers did too. I wasn't alone anymore. She got it. She got me. And she didn't care that I was in a slump or that I had a zit or any of it. I felt heard and validated and encouraged and refreshed. and also reminded that we, as moms, are chronic multitaskers. We give and give and do for others and, while it's cliche, we often put ourselves last. Which is good and bad. We get disconnected--first from the freewheeling friends of our early 20's with their happy hours and midnight concerts, then from equally busy mom-friends, and then from ourselves. Isolation leads to more isolation.

But leaving there last night, I felt so much healthier than when I arrived. Stimulated intellectually and challenged to exercise more, meditate daily, care for myself, and never forget the importance of staying connected.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Everleigh (18 Months!)

Dear Everleigh,

Today marks the day that you turn one-and-a-half years old. And you woke up feeling onry as all get out :) Every day I see you becoming less of a baby and more of a person. It's both exciting and a little sad for me to see, because you'll always be my little baby. But I'm so proud of you and all the things you're learning and doing--the "big girl" you're becoming. Today I watched you sleep as the warm light crept into your bedroom, and I just felt my heart swell in my chest. I couldn't love you more.

Here's what you're up to now:

Mommie's little tomboy: you're still outright refusing to let me put piggies in your hair, and headbands or bows are just a joke. I'm cool with it, although if you only knew how adorable you look in pigtails, you might change your mind. The other day we had brunch at a diner in town, and our waitress saw your peacoat and tennies and short no-frills hairdo and said, "she's a tomboy huh?". And while I hadn't given that too much thought, I guess she's kind of right. I just think of you as YOU, but you are one of toughest chics I know. And good for you. Keep on rocking your personality.

Nakey: lately you've taken to stripping off your diaper after you pee in it, then running around all nakey til we catch you. This is probably a good sign that you'll be easier to potty train, since you apparently don't want to sit in a wet diaper, even for a minute. the bad news? Sometimes when you're running around all naked butted, you also pee on the floor or the bed. No beuno. You did this just this morning and Daddy was not pleased. You are a wild on, Ev.

Teeth McGeeth: I know I've said it a bunch on the blog, but this was a crazy month for you teeth-wise. You've been sort of a late bloomer with your teeth (first 2 at 10 months, second 2 at 12 months, next 2 around 14-15 months...then nothing til now). You must have decided now was the time, because this month you've been banging out like all remaining teeth on the top and bottom, including molars. It's been intense, but you've handled it well. And just think how awesome your teeth will look when it's all said and done?

Little Words: My goodness, lady you have been talking up a storm! You are getting really good at repeating everything people say (which means I have to watch what I say a little more), and wowing me with your abilities. Common things you say: "night night", "baby teeth", "I do!", "I love you", "up high". You like pointing out Mommy and Daddy's facial features "Mommy's nose", "Daddy's teeth". It's pretty cute. you also like to point to your books and say things like "Dora's house", "Boots' house". and the way you say house is super cute too by the way.

Getting ready to move: we are prepping for a move to our new house, and we're trying to make it fun so you can get excited about it too. We've told you all about your new playroom, and driven past the house several times and telling you "it's our new house!". You're excited, and I can't wait to see you explore the new house with us. You've been a good helper too--packing boxes with Mommy and throwing your things in while I try to organize ;) The last box I packed, you kept putting in your Scout doll, your 2 fake eggs, and your shoes and socks. Every time I took them back out, you'd put them in again. You are going to have a blast packing and unpacking with us :)

Getting your groove on: you've always been a music lover, but lately you've been especially into certain beats. I'll look back at you in the car, and you'll be swaying your head side to side like the best of them. You seem to know how to move to the music, which I think is great. I can't wait for more dance parties in the future. You've also started singing with me sometimes, which I love. Foulk family band--what what?

Get You! Right now we like playing the game where when Daddy or I come home from work or school, or even enter the room you're in, we'll say "I'm gonna get you!" and chase you down and hug you. You love this, and you usually run right for us, like "bring it on" and squeal and laugh and it's very cute.

Ev, you are such a sweet and fun and curious little thing. Every day your Dad and I step back and say to each other, "can you believe we made that?" You are so strong and determined, yet soft and sensative. It's so fun being your mom, and I'm excited to see what awaits us next.

Love always,


Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Wonderland

For those of you who aren't from the good old Midwest, you need to be informed that we rock all 4 seasons out hard. In a way, it's neat to get the full experience of Spring, Summer, and Fall, but I rarely ever get excited about Missouri winters.

This week kicks off the start of weather that, according to the weather man "feels like it's in the teens". If you're  a metric system person, that just basically means it's freezing and you should not go outside.

Times like these I like to picture laying on the sand and listening to the waves roll in while the sun kisses my shoulders and Everleigh builds sandcastles with Scott. Maybe someday. For now, we are gearing up for what we hope will be a mild winter.

The upside? Christmas is decidedly more fun with a little one around!

Last week Everleigh and I went to explore the Christmas Wonderland in Gilham Park, a Kansas City tradition my mom remembers from her childhood. They had free hot cocoa, lots of fun wooden and blow-up decorations, a playground, and a stage packed with Glee-like performances by local teens singing Christmas tunes. Oh, and we can't forget the BIG GUY--Santa came in on a sleigh pulled by a tractor. I know, I know, but this IS Missouri folks. You've got to have a little tractor here and there ;)

It was so fun watching Ev explore the decorations (she loved the peek-a-boo penguine blow up the most!) and get her dance onto the Christmas tunes. While we've debated what to say to her about Santa, we decided there's no harm in letting her dictate her own level of make believe when it comes to that, and she loved telling us that Santa goes "who who who".

Gosh I'm a lucky girl :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New House, New Playroom!

As some of you know, we've been looking to move for a few months now. We love our sweet little townhouse in the city, but we recently found out that if we stay, our rent will almost double. While we were bummed at first, the more we thought about it, the more it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what else Kansas City had to offer us. We really didn't want to look at buying, because at this time our plan is to wait until Scott finishes art school (he attends the amazing Kansas City Art Institute), and then see where life takes us. We dream of warmer winters and being within a day's drive of the ocean. Maybe Austin. Maybe New orleans. Maybe somewhere we haven't even thought of yet. So for now, the search was on.

We searched high and low. Very very low. We saw some adorable houses we LOVED, that were unimaginably tiny, some crazy bad properties that landlords should be ashamed to be asking money for, and some in-betweeners. We found one really old house that was pretty huge and in our budget, but the landlords didn't want to wait a month for us to move in, and we would have had to pay a large deposit back in Nov, then pay the whole month's ret in December at both locations...we opted out.

Then we discovered this cute little older house that had recently been renovated. It's in the city, but not the scary somebody might get shot part. It has a little backyard and deck (yay!), a lovely little front porch, a warm sunny feel inside, two bathrooms (most of the places we found only had one, and Scott hates sharing a bathroom with me because of all the "girl stuff"--blow dryers, flat irons, makeup bags, toner, etc.), and the huge selling point? A giant upstairs bedroom/playroom extraordinaire for Miss Ev.

So now we're starting to pack our things and decide what to keep, what to donate, what to sell, what to give away. And I'm excitedly planning our new space! I've been looking for inspiration for Ev's playroom, since her new room will be about 3 or 4 times the size of her current room. Look at some of the cool playrooms I've found for inspiration!
I just love the colors and swing and everything about this room. Pipe dream stuff, but it's still neat.
Sort of a Dwell, if I were rich design, but I love the treehouse idea. And I'm married to an artist, so you ever know!
Pretty teepee!

I like these shelves

This might be the most like Ev's actual space...similar walls and space

Again, similar shape to Ev's new room. I like the use of the low walls...

Anyone have neat DIY tips or ideas for playrooms? Thoughts on how to organize all the toys and books in cute and cost efficient ways? I'd love to hear it and/or see your ideas!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Teethsplosion, Ear Ache and a Scuffed Face

This really has not been Everleigh's best week. Last Monday or so she started getting fussy during the day and just plain not sleeping at night. She also started getting like 10 teeth at once, so I couldn't really blame her.
I wrote off the fussiness as teething-related, and tried to catch brief naps here and there, drink enough coffee, and put enough eye-liner on that I looked awake at work :) And yes, we're trying to ditch the binkie since she's a big girl now, but tough times call for tough measures. It was either go with the binkie or let her stay attached to my nipples all day. Nursing a sick toddler is much like nursing a newborn--sweet and loving but constant.

She didn't get better. After telling my mom about it, she was convinced it was an ear infection. But it was Thanksgiving and there were no docs open. The Walgreen and CVS take care clinics only see 18 month and older kids...Ev is 17 months. So we waited, and my sis slipped me some unused ear drops from her 6 year olds last ear infection. They really helped her get some rest, which further confirmed our suspicions.

Then to add injury to insult, Ev stumbled in the driveway of my sister's house following Thanksgiving and scuffed her little nose and upper lip. It wasn't deep or serious, but the light scuffing quickly scabbed over and frankly, looks awful.

This morning I took the morning off work, and after seeing Scott off to school, I took Ev to her pediatrician where he confirmed that she does, in fact, have an ear infection in her right ear. So now my baby's on the up and up. Whew!

That was my week. Somewhere in there, I also saw family, cooked a yummy turkey, ate lots of delicious homemade food, attended my neice, Remi's 3 year birthday party, did some Play Therapy homework, and secured us a new adorable rental house--More to come on that! At the new place, Ev's bedroom/playroom is GIANT and I'm so excited to have an excuse to decorate again (using many of the same staple peices from her nursery, of course).

No worries though--things are looking up! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Having a Baby Changed Thanksgiving for Me

Growing up in a religious household, Thanksgiving was always a big event. We traced our hands and made turkeys, and wrote on each finger something we were thankful for. We learned about the Pilgrims and the Indians (although I'm pretty sure we learned the sugar-coated pro-Pilgrim version). We sang songs about giving thanks. We ate the yummiest dishes our extended family could make. It always seemed to be warm and the energy was high.

But as I got older, Thanksgiving often felt like a time I HAD to go hang out with family, bring an assigned dish (as a young and poor adult, my role was often the "rolls girl" or something equally exciting), and show up ready to listen to stories about how my cousins were doing in school, somebody's interest in online vampire role-play gaming, who's dating whom, some distant relative that had taken ill. It was a flurry of hugs and awkward conversation, followed by a decent meal. Then I was ready to get the heck out. It always felt pressured.

After having Ev, I feel like so many things have changed. For one, I never feel like there's "too much" family time. It's awesome to walk in a room and watch ten people your kid loves hug them. It's such a relief when my mom says "fix your plate and eat while I watch her", or my sisters take a turn changing a diaper or reading "When I Grow Up" for the 20th time that day :) And after getting the scoop on how to make a yummy turkey from friends at work a few years back, I'm now the designated turkey cooker, which is admittedly pretty fun. My parents are still blown away that adding butter and seasoning and sea salt can go so far (sorry, I love you guys but your salt-free, butter-free, seasoning-free ways don't add up to awesome flavors).

So, I guess you could say the glow is back. I'll listen to my share of family stories with a smile. Because I feel more connected. These are my people--the ones who took me for pedicures when I was 9 months pregnant and watched Everleigh when I was in a pinch. The ones who go out of their way on a regular basis to ensure that I am well taken care of. I feel more love for my family, and I also am more open to feeling loved in return. Also, now that Everleigh is in my life, I feel more blessed than ever before. I look at my loving husband and my beautiful, healthy daughter and I feel truly thankful.

I hope you all have fun Thanksgiving plans! Wish me luck on the turkey!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vote for Babique!!!!

 I rarely ask my readers for anything but a moment of your sweet day ;) but now I'm asking that you do me (and Ev) a solid and VOTE FOR BABIQUE by clicking the link below and then clicking just above the owl on the upper left. It will literally take 10 seconds or less, depending on your internet speed.

Help Our Rank & Visit Top Baby Blogs, Baby Blog Directory!
Why? Babique has long since been listed on Top Baby Blogs site, which is a fun and awesome list of really incredible mommy blogs. And while I know flat out Babique is not the most impressively amazing blog on the block, if you're still reading this post, you must at least like it a little, eh? By remaining on the Top Baby Blogs list, I continue to meet awesome new readers and it also puts me in a better position to eventually receive sponsorships and other cool things just for doing what I do.

Every so often, Top Baby Blogs resets it vote count, which is why I'm asking you now... our votes were reset to ZERO and I need you to bump us back up! Plus, you can vote for more than one if you read several, you can still give Babique a shout out. We're not really shooting for #1 (although that would be amazing)...but somewhere in the top 200 would rock. THANKS FOR HELPING US!

PS: while I won't keep bugging you about it, you are allowed to vote once every 24 hours for like, ever. So in the future, if you ever read a post you think was great or you are feeling mighty generous, send me a vote! I keep the Top Baby Blogs link on right-hand side of my page all the time, so votes can come in all the time. I like to think of it as a "Like" button :)
Don't be a butt--vote for us :)

Remember a vote for Babique is a vote for: Everleigh, working moms, breastfeeding, people trying to retain creativity with no time, stay-at-home dads, awesomeness. Thanks!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Famous Frowns

I just had to show you guys this--Scott's baby picture with that oh-so-serious face I've come to know and love on Miss E.

She is her Daddy's daughter for sure ;)

Photo by Tina of In His Image

Scotti rocking that frown

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Drumroll Please: Everleigh's Acting Debut ;)

Awesome, right? Well, regardless we had fun doing it, and I really honed in on my hand-modeling skills :) We think this will be fun to look back on and giggle someday...our very own little infomercial featuring the two of us girls in our very own home. Pretty sweet. I was told this ad may or may not launch nationally, so who knows? If you're ever up late eating ice cream and flipping through channels at 2 AM, you might just spot us! Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Everleigh's Fall Photoshoot with Tina of In His Image

I went to high school with Tina McGarrah Norman of In His Image, and while we've been Facebook friends for awhile, I was a little out of the loop. So when she approached me about doing a Fall shoot with Everleigh, I said "Let's do it".

Tina was a joy to work with, and since she has two little ones of her own, she is a baby whisperer/photographer extraordinaire. And while Everleigh wouldn't give us any smiles or sit still for more than 1/2 a second because, well, she is EVERLEIGH, I really felt like Tina captured Ev's personality in a big way. Scott joked that when Everleigh decides to launch her dramatic acting career, she'll already have her portfolio ready to go ;)

Tina has been doing professional photography for just one year, but her use of natural light and eye for capturing a moment has already taken her far. Overall, she most enjoys when people let their guard down and have fun with sessions, so their personalities can really shine through. Tina is currently booking for 2012, so check her out

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot:

Mommy and Evie

Hey look! A ramp!

This one cracks me up because her pose seems so New York or something. She frowns while giving us a Britney Spears. Who is this kid anyways?

She lightened up a little here to play...but wanted to run with the stick. 

Checking out the leaves!

Grinning and playing with the horse Daddy carved out of a solid block of wood

Wait--is that a smile?

Rocking the jeggings and Vans

The "why are you putting me through this with the hat" look

I'm so happy to have such sweet, fun photos of this stage in Everleigh's development! A HUGE thank you to Tina McGarrah Norman from In His Image Film and Photo. Pictures C/O In His Image.