Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Everleigh (14 Months!)

Dear Everleigh,

Today you are 14 months old, or 1 year and 2 months for the mathematically challenged. This was a big month for you, and I have to say--I'm loving your toddler stage :)

this is your classic, "nothing to see here!" face
Here's what you're up to now:

Talking--You are such a good communicator, and we love teaching you new words. Lately, you've been on a roll learning a new word every day or two. Some of the words you're saying are:

  • "Mama"
  • "Daddy"
  • "Pappa" (for Grandpa, which you ALWAYS say in a whisper and I'm not sure why but it's fantastic).
  • "Hi!" Your newest addition. The way you say it is really high-pitched and excited. Love it.
  • "Hey"I know, I know. It's possible this is also you saying "hi", but you seem to use both in the right context and with different inflection, so I'm counting it as two words :)
  • "Owl" You have owls on your wall and lamp, and you love to point them out.
  • "More" Although it sounds more like "mar"
  • "Turtle" This one caught me by surprise but sure as heck, you can point it out in a book and say it
  • "Doggie" One of your old-school favorites
  • "Kitty" Even though you usually call these doggies, sometimes you remember
  • "Apple" 
  • "No No" This one comes with a finger wag. You say it sometimes when we are doing something you don't approve of (trying to kiss you or hug you, putting away the diaper caddy so you can't play with it) and also when you're doing something you know you're not supposed to do. 
  • "Edmond" Your 5 year old cousin. It sounds really jumbly and wrong but you always say it directly to him.
  • "Ernie" Your new favorite Sesame Street character. you like to feed the Ernie doll nang nangs and hold him like a baby and pat his back. It's very sweet.
  • "Out" for outside
  • "Up"
  • "Thank You"--you fought us hard on this one but Daddy insisted and now you're saying it sometimes.
In addition to these words, you've developed several non-verbal ways of communicating. Every time we say the words "hot dog", you raise one arm above your head :) You are waving hello and goodbye, giving high-fives, blowing kisses. You're a one-woman show.

You continue to be fascinated by nature, and your favorite time of the day is your walk with Dad (for which a song has been written :) "going on a walk with Dad. I'm going on a walk with Dad. Don't know where we're going but I know that we'll be strolling when I'm going on a walk with Dad"). Brilliant. We actually have several equally awesome little tunes we've composed just for you, that make our non-breeder friends sick. We're a walking "Steve's Songs" video :) And you love it.

Sometimes I watch you sleep at night and I can't believe how grown up you are. I study your face, gaze at your pretty eyelashes, watch you breathe slowly. In those moments, I am amazed that we made you. You perfect little thing. You inquisitive, unique person. You. It's like you're 1 day old again and I am tired to the core but choosing not to sleep because I can't take my eyes off you.

I love you, Ev.


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