Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Columbia, The Zoo, and Farewell to My Phone

Made a mini road trip yesterday with Everleigh and her gramps to Columbia for a work thing. They played and shopped while I learned about integrating simulation into standardized patient work. I kinda wish I had gotten to play too.

Dad said he put a blanket down outside and let Ev show off her amazing rolling abilities in the grass. He said once she discovered the scent and texture of the fresh grass under her, she was smitten. It occurred to me that since we live in the city in our loft-ish townhouse, she doesn't get a lot of grass-play. We must correct this. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds to use the restrooms and I dropped my cell phone RIGHT into the toilet. It was in my well-intentioned sweater pocket and it didn't stand a chance. Maybe this is the sign I was looking for to buy an iPhone?

In other news: Sunday our little family made our first zoo trip! Everleigh seemed more interested in the other kids there than the animals, but Scott was super adorably excited to see the new polar bear. We rode the carousel with Ev on a little beetle bug and saw some pretty awesome tantrums. One little boy sporting a teddy bear backpack with a parental leash attachment threw himself on the ground, belly first to avoid leaving the slides. I laughed and thought--classic move! Everleigh--please don't do that stuff, k? But if you do, I hope I can have as good of a sense of humor about it as I do now!

Then on the carousel ride, a few young kids threw their hands in the air and yelled, "free the leashed kids!", which I thought was super awesome and funny. Protesters in the making folks.

That's about it! Zoo pics to come later today.

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Tiffany said...

haha.. Kids on leashes. That always makes me shake my head in disbelief.

I love that your baby girl loves the grass. My kids would never touch it as babies. They'd put their hand in it and look all disgusted. Connor kind of still does. :)