Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Everleigh (4 months!)

Dear Everleigh,

You're 4 months old now (this post is actually a little late, but I'm sure you won't mind). I don't know how this happened, except that we just kept on loving you and feeding you and giving you baths and dressing you and putting you to bed and somehow you got bigger and bigger :) The time is going by so fast, and sometimes I just want to put the brakes on so I can enjoy your sweet babyness a little longer. Other times I cannot wait until you're a little bigger and we can do more fun things together. We have so many adventures ahead of us!

Here's what you're doing now so I don't forget: this month you learned how to roll over from your back to your tummy and now that's all you want to do. On the couch--roll over. On your playmat--roll over. In your crib--roll over. When I'm trying to change your poopy diaper--roll over. Sometimes it's not as good an idea as other times. Regardless, I'm so proud of you for how hard you try! Right now you can roll over and push yourself up, but you can't hold yourself up for too long so eventually your face goes splat! down into the couch/playmat/crib/diaper changer and then you cry because dang it if you didn't just want to be able to hold your head up a little bit longer.

You're becoming quite the character too. Ever since you were teeny tiny you haven't been very big on sitting still. You want to get around, but since you can't do it yet for yourself, someone else is expected to do it for you :). And you don't just like being held. You like being held and walked--and not in place either because you know the difference. But I don't even mind. I'll pace the floors with you over and over because I know I'm so absolutely lucky to have you in my life. Plus carrying you is a good workout for my arms (which frankly need all the help they can get).

You are what your papa and I refer to as a "tough customer". You know how to laugh, but you reserve laughter for only the funniest of the funnies. You want us to work for it :) which I think is kind of great. Your dad makes you laugh better than anyone by shaking his head around and acting like a crazy person. You seem really into crazy humor.

You are also a super snuggler when you're sleepy. I fall asleep most nights cuddling with you and I just can't help it. When I lay down beside you, you always scoot in for the cuddle and I can feel your little baby breath on my face. You look most like your papa when you sleep and I love him even more for that. You have big things ahead of you kid so rest up! I can't wait to see what you'll do next.



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