Monday, December 27, 2010

Back on Stage

Rachel and Me gearing up for the show!

The view from the stage

Alice and Absinthe. Can you say sugar cube please?

Goofing off before the show
Tonight, my old band, Alice is playing a show! My bandmate Rachel is back in town for the holidays visiting family, so we scheduled a little shindig at a local hangout called Cafe Acoustic. The show will actually NOT be acoustic, but...ah well :) We picked this venue because it's a place Rachel and I used to go and jam together before we were a "band", and also because it's been so long since we played as a group, we wanted to keep the show low-key, with lots of friends, family, and old-school fans.

This will be my first show with the band since I officially became a mommy! Rachel moved to Eugene, OR last spring when I was still pregnant with Evie. It was OK timing actually, because I was getting big and feeling slightly weird hanging out in bars, plus it was getting progressively more and more dificult to stay up late enough to play (concerts usually don't begin until at LEAST 10PM, and my pregnant bedtime was like 8). Plus it's tricky playing a guitar when your stomach is sticking way out. Although I've seen some men who've been quite successful at making it work :)

I am SO excited about tonight! Mostly because I miss my bandmates and the way it feels to collaborate, but also I'd be lying if I didn't also say that I miss the stage. I love singing and performing, and I miss the way it feels to have the lights on you and everyone watching. Or to look out and see people in the audience singing along to the words I wrote. Awesome. Plus, I don't think I've had a single night out with friends (besides my husband) since Evie was born, so this will be a really nice way for me to get some friend time in too.

Now for the most important question: what do I wear???? Taking a half-day at work today, so I should have some time to figure it out, then we're having an afternoon practice, and the show at 10. I can't wait!

PS: I'll post show pics and maybe even some vid from the show tomorrow. Promise.

2 comments: said...

You are so cool! How neat that you're part of a band and performing! I hope you do post pictures and even better, a video; it'll be so nice to see you up on stage :)

Erika said...


Sorry about the lack of better pictures and/or video :( My hubby was planning to come with me and take some pics and video BUT our original sitting plans fell through so he ended up staying home with the little one. Therefore, my only pictures are ones I took. I did shoot some rough video footage of us practicing though, which I may post later this week.