Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look How Cute My Baby Is ;)

Sorry I don't have much to say guys! The Alice show went really well and I had a blast kicking it with my old friends. The downside? I got "the call" as I was stepping off stage (at 11:45 at night) that Evie missed me and was refusing to sleep and would only remain calm if she was being walked around. So, I didn't get to stay and soak up the laughs or the applause. Frankly, I left before even getting paid. All I heard was that my baby needed me. After rushing to her side and giving her some magic mom milk, she dropped right out.  Sigh.

Here's the rub about trying to venture back out into the world a little post-baby-- you can still have a good time, but your heart is at home with your little one. And sometimes all the hoops you have to jump through in order to have those 3 hours out make the whole thing seem like more work than it's worth. Anyways, I'm not bummed--I had a really amazing time! But I also realized it wasn't realistic for me to try and play out a ton right now while Ev's so little. Maybe Scott and I can use this time to focus on our little side-project family-style called Moonhead...

Playing music is definitely easier if you're at your own house collaborating with your spouse while your baby plays on the floor next to you.

OK, happy Wednesday everyone! Enjoy the new baby pics I took with my awesome little easy snap Canon PowerShot that Scotti got me for Christmas. Peace and Love!

Evie's "My First Christmas" dress

Christmas Eve naked Santa baby

Christmas Day--she loved the bows and paper more than anything

Wearing the awesome custum outfit her Auntie Kristen got her for Christmas

Everleigh and Mommy snuggling up in our comfies

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Anonymous said...

You two are gorgeous!

I'm glad you had a great time with your band, and what you mentioned about getting back to the old groove of things pre-baby is just not the same, if at all possible, once you have a baby. I had the same experience with school. I was rushing home after class trying to beat traffic or relieve the babysitter, etc., when I used to take my time and study at the library or meet friends for lunch or do whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted before.

But I wouldn't change it for a second; I think in order to have most or all of what you want, you'd have to sacrifice on something. I think it's pretty nice to play on stage again and know that you get to go home to a warm little bundle of love afterwards, albeit earlier than you might've wanted to.

You've got it pretty sweet!