Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sneaking Time

As many of you know, time becomes a precious, precious jewel when you become a mom. And while you usually want to spend all your free time with your child, there are occasions which you will wish you had just a moment for yourself. Going in the bathroom and shutting the door no longer guarantees this time. Going to bed certainly makes no promises. The commute to work might count if I lived more than 38 seconds away from my job. Sigh. I come home from work every day for lunch to nurse Ev and say hi to the hubby or grandpa (on days he's here with Ev). Frankly, there have MAYBE been a total of 3 times ever, including today, since the day she was born when I did not see her over lunch.

So today, when I found myself with a 2 hour break between clients in the middle of the day, a stone's throw away from my empty house (Everleigh's out with Grandpa today), I couldn't resist myself. I headed home giggling like a school girl. Ate my lunch, blogged and read my dashboard, flipped through some Counseling Today magazines, and (gasp) took a BUBBLE BATH. Steamy hot and as a long as I wanted, pumped and watched Dennis the Menice. It was awesome.

I spent the majority of that time eyeing Ev's toys and missing her. But I was so glad to have a little bit of ME time. After all, I deserve it :)

I still think it's funny how "wrong" it felt to sneak this time....I felt like I was in on a secret. Hooray for long lunches!

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amira said...

Hooray indeed! So glad you got such a treat :)