Thursday, March 3, 2011

My How Time Flies!!!

I cannot believe it is Thursday already and I haven't blogged in ages. I'm sorry for you regular readers...I know it's a drag to check someone's blog and there's no change day after day. I am solemnly vowing to attempt to do right by you, but please know I may fail.

It seems like days go by really slowly but the weeks fly fly fly. Do you ever feel that way? I lie awake in bed at night, and in my sheer exhaustion I think of all kinds of cool, witty, and fun things to blog about. Then when I wake up, my mind is blank and I'm rushing here and there.

Here's a little nugget. I work with the severely mentally ill population. It is never dull. Since beginning work a few months back, I've really gotten some critical style advice from some clients.

I've been asked why my nose is crooked, and informed that getting a nose job and fake nails with a design on it would really improve my look. I've also been told that I look like a baby, and like a doll but chubby.

These things are probably all true (besides the nails design thing..I'm just not feeling it). In case you haven't seen enough pictures of me to notice, I have a pretty unique nose (thanks DAD), and you know, I've seen slimmer days. At first, I thought it was pretty awesome and funny to get this feedback from the overly candid. But today, I skipped the bagel and had a protein shake, and at lunch I ordered salad. Sometimes you just have to hear it from someone who's not trying to sugar coat the situation for you. I love my husband, but he's smart enough to chime in with things like, "I love your curves" and "you just had a BABY for goodness sake" uh...9 months ago. I think it stops being a valid excuse somewhere around NOW ;) It was nice while it lasted though.

Anyways, I'm deliriously tired while writing this due to Everleigh's new amazing ability to wake herself every 2 hours throughout the night crying. I just might lose it without a little REM sleep :) which I will hopefully get tonight after indulging in "good TV night" (Community, 30 Rock, and a little Parks and Rec = happy Thursdays!)

PS: I almost forgot!!! I totally chopped my hair yesterday in the cut I have been contemplating for months! It's super cute, but I'm still getting used to it. It's pretty fun, and it still looks girly in the in the front but a little more hip in the back. Yay for that new haircut feeling!

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ladysherwood said...

wait. hold on. you can't use the "i just had a baby" excuse infinitely? boy have I got some work to do. thanks for the heads up. ;)