Thursday, September 15, 2011

100 Things, Man+Toothache = Baby, Everleigh the Boxer

I'm sorry I've been so distant lately :) I'm currently working on a mega-post or maybe even a PAGE containing 100 thing I want to do before I die. I was inspired to construct my own list after reading Summer's list on An Accident of Hope (an awesomely funny blog if you're looking for new reads).

Wouldn't you know that being the optimist I am, I truly jumped into my list head first without thinking for a second that it would be extremely difficult? I was wrong. So...I've been spending most of my "free" time lately (ha.hahaha) working on brainstorming, researching and writing my list. I guess I thought there were a bazillion things I wanted to do before I die, but when pressed to make an actual list, it was tough. My first 30 or so wrote themselves...then came the tricky part. I guess a lot of the things I want to do before I die are big, huge, incredible things that part of me thinks may not be possible. And other things are so small and simple, I feel weird putting them on a list others will read. But you know what? This is MY list, suckas. Look for the post/page later this week or weekend. I'm on it.

Also this week: Scott had his root canal (finally) and is now in a totally different intense kind of mouth pain. Can't wait to have him back (man + toothache = baby)! At least his face looks normal again....the chipmunk cheeks are gone and he can eat a few easily chewable foods.

Everleigh climbed on the rungs of one of our stools last night and then pulled it down onto her face in a matter of about 1 second. She cried and I held her and she fell asleep. Today when she woke up, she basically had a black eye. Good thing she has a kiddo birthday party Saturday followed by a pediatrician visit Monday so I can raise some eyebrows :( Poor baby. I may seize this opportunity to dress her up like a boxer though because, you know, what's done is done. There may as well be an adorable picture to show for it.

So there you have it. We keep getting hurt over here but we're on the up and up, and I am wracking my brain for what I want to do before I die. It's been an interesting week :)


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amira said...

I'm interested to see what makes it on your list...sounds like a great way to sort of prioritize life goals.

I hope Scott feels back to normal soon; root canals are no fun. I think the only worse pain is having your wisdom teeth pulled, which I had ALL FOUR of mine pulled AT THE SAME FREAKIN' TIME.

That was not a wise decision in retrospect.

And poor Ev! I completely agree with your boxer outfit idea. What are toddlers good for if not getting themselves hurt or dressing them in various outfits. If both conveniently fit, then it's meant to be, obviously.