Friday, January 11, 2013


A window into the mind of a two-year old…

Everleigh spotted me getting into the bath the other day and blurted out “Mommy! You have 2 butts!”
After getting over the initial  shock and humiliation of anyone ever saying those words to me, I realized that she was just confused about the anatomy piece of the whole thing. I responded by letting her know that everyone has two butt-cheeks and that with their powers combined, they make one butt. Her mind was sufficiently blown.

 She was patting her own little tush trying to make sense of it all. Amazing. Two butt-cheeks. One butt. There you have it. Although, later that night she still informed Scott, “Mommy has two butts!” so the battle may not be over yet. Maybe she’ll say it in public, in case anyone else wants to know. Oh Ev.

My butt is awesome by the way ;)

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Rachel said...

I thought maybe she was talking about your "front butt". That's what my friend's son calls her vagina. LOL