Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stuff I Love!

Since it's TAX REFUND season, I've been thinking about what lovely items I'd like to get with the money I'll get back for having a baby last year :) It only seems right that I keep her in mind with the purchases....

Here are some things I love!
In case she grows another foot ;) j/k. I love these sweet Kai Run Smaller Tiana Yellow Ruffle Sandals!

Now that Ev's getting a little bit of hair, I would love to put her in a sweet bow like this felt one from Blue Monster Bows
Adorable custom felt birthday hat from Hilly House

Everleigh-tastic headband from Giddy Up and Grow

Ergo carrier (now that Ev is getting bigger). Oh, and I guess I could also accept that gentleman and the tropical island as well.

A family membership to the Kansas City Zoo! It seems like we went to the zoo all the time when I was little, and it's an easy and fun way to get some exercise while wowing the kiddo.

Totally design conscious Boon high chair

 Oh, and we'll definately spend some on Mommy and Daddy and tuck some away for a little vacation this summer!

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Amira said...

Cute stuff! A vacation would be number one on my mind, admittedly. :P