Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sorry this post is super-crazy late. I have lots of random awesome blog ideas throughout the week, but I'm struggling lately to find the time to sit down and hash em out. Also my internet connection (while super pricey) leaves a lot to be desired and sometimes it takes literally hours to do a simple post like this with uploaded pics. Enough negativity :) I just wanted to apologize because A). I really do love this blog and B). I know what a bummer it is to check someone's blog over and over and it's the same post. I will do better!

So here's a snapshot of our First Friday art crawl, family-style.
The tree in our old place that is now the fabric-covered centerpiece in the HoneyTree Gallery

A weird tag we keep seeing everywhere in the city. Maybe a graffiti artist is expecting?

We were shocked to see these guys when we came around the corner. They were playing traditional blues rock

A costume designer poses for some promotion

One of my favorite paintings of the night

Hobo drums

Daddy caught us by surprise! Mommy kissing Ev while she eats cheese

A strange but fun installation

Our Hello Art stickers :)

A fibers piece I really enjoyed
Hula girls: rocking my world since 1897

As the weather gets warmer, the people really come out in droves to see what Kansas City artists have been up to. We saw some street performers,  people selling art out of a wagon, hula girls doing their thing, and a one-man-band called Monster, whom I absolutely loved. Everleigh kept saying "go see the ga-wa-wees" and "go see the awt". It was pretty cute. I also got to tour my own employer's Sunshine From Darkness exhibit, which featured art by clients with mental illness. Very neat stuff.

While it's nice to get away without Ev once in awhile, we really love our family-dates too, and First Friday is a family night tradition in our home, dating WAAAAAY back :) Do you have fun family traditions or kid-friendly family dates you go on?

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