Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We've done the burbs thing in the past and really really hated it. Why? Because we're the type of family that loves to explore! We adore that within walking distance of us there are two universities, two amazing museums, a conservation center, a waterfall meditation park (not sure what to actually call this), and a gorgeous public flower garden. Not to mention parks, bike shops, and all the people-watching you can stand. True, we hear the occasional gun shot and definitely lock our doors all the time. It's a major city so there's going to be some of that. We live in an eclectic neighborhood, which we think makes it more interesting. And we always feel safe tucked away in our little city home.

I would say that I love Kansas City, but I'm more in like with it than anything. We dream of warmer winters, beaches within a day's drive, and culture, culture culture. But until then, we plan to make the most of every beautiful thing this city has to offer us. In general, I mostly love big cities, and even small ones if they're awesome (can I get a Lawrence Kansas in the house?).

Today we ventured out on a late-afternoon adventure to the nearby conservation center grounds, which are beautiful.

Everleigh, looking all tough-guy on the way there. Yes, we can walk but today we were pressed for time so we drove.

Pretty nature

Ev parking herself in the bike rack

Checking out the little benches

Admiring my husband while he watched Ev play

Tickling the flowers. Tickle, Tickle, Tickle


Checking out the waterfall

Checking for frogs! See it? Look close...

Tall baby back to the car

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