Sunday, April 1, 2012


This weekend, Tory was on Spring Break from college, and got to spend Friday and Saturday with us. We tried to stretch the time as much as possible. Everleigh lit up to see her sister, and had to immediately show off her dance moves, tricks, and so on ;)

Saturday we woke up and rolled out to the City Market--our local farmers' market. Oh, how I've missed it so. There were so many sights and sounds to take in! Lots of vendors selling beautiful fruit and veggies, fresh bread, organic teas, figs, fresh flowers, spices. Of course, I forgot my camera.

But then we took our bounty home and cooked an amazingly fresh meal--grilled chicken and steak with rice, grilled and seasoned green and yellow peppers, and a big fresh salad. YUM!

Sunday, I woke up late (thanks Ev!), and Scott had made us up a fresh little breakfast platter sampling our yummy fruit. Gah. I wish it could be Spring forever!

Then after running a few errands, we made good on our promise and took Ev to Loose Park, a nearby favorite of ours.

We tested out a dollar store kite (it seemed to be worth roughly $1's worth of kite flying), and ran through the grass barefoot and laid on the blanket and soaked in the sun.

It was absolutely lovely.


Tracy said...

i just love pics of little ones between grass blades, her outfit is so cute and she looks adorable with the shades.

GoodnessMeGoddess said...

She's such a little model. ;) Looks like fun!