Thursday, June 7, 2012


Lately, Ev has taken to stating things and then asking them back in the form of a question (or vice versa).

Last week at the CVS, I held her in the feminine product aisle and she said (regarding the pads and tampons) "Mommy, are you getting diapers? Diapers for Mommy!".  Super loud. It was awesome. Or she'll say, "Mommy is eating a popsicle pop. Mommy? Are you eating a popsicle pop?" 

Today Ev wasn't feeling well and she said to Scott, "Daddy? Do you want to hold me?". Smooth.

It's oh so cute and I pretty much love it. Except when she calls me out at the store ;) 

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amira said...

Wow, I've missed so much. Ev's puppy party is insanely adorable; happy belated birthday to you and Ev!

In retrospect these public announcement moments Ev's been dishing out will be hilarious. Once Aiman very loudly asked if the man behind us in the checkout line was having babies (BABIEESSSSS) because "he looks like he has babies in his stomach."

Longest checkout of my life.