Sunday, June 3, 2012


We celebrated Everleigh's 2nd birthday this past Saturday (even though her actual birthday isn't until Wednesday). We could not have hoped for a more beautiful day to have a party at the park! I got all craftsy, and attempted to make this the best party ever, while still keeping in mind that the most important thing was that Everleigh had a good time :) Scott mocked me saying, "if you keep this up, she'll expect a birthday party every year". Don't worry Ev, mommy's got your back on this one ;)

Here are some shots of the party!

My sweet little birthday puppy! Photo by Bryan Bail

Little puppy cups with "dirt 'n' worms"

Homemade puppy ears


My homemade paw cupcakes

Handmade felt birthday sign

Puppy snacks

Ev's adorable pigtails and a vintage top

Puppy friends!

Going for the birthday cupcake

Because every great party includes a costume change (wings and tutu were gifts from our dear friends Natalie and Sage)

Playing with birthday toys in the sun

How you know she enjoyed the party...

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