Monday, January 10, 2011

Mini Fashionistas

OK readers. I thought it was high time I shared with you some of the cutest baby and kiddo fashion sites on this here world wide web ;)

While it's fun to dress Evie up, I'll be the first to admit that styling a 7 month old is pretty much fighting a losing battle--the poop, the frequent diaper changes, the spit, the spit-up, the whatever the heck else they get all over themselves everytime you look away for a get the idea. It's fun, but fairly impractical. Which is why I try to take pictures anytime I put something really cute on her and pray that I will be able to capture that so so cute outfit on camera before she quickly ruins it. Then, it's back into the zip-up sleepers (a mom's best friend).

But I have a long-standing love of all things vintage, and/or just plain fun/shocking/weird. In college, I took most of my classes in the Fine Arts building, where (amongst the throngs of weird theatre kids, music geeks, and artists) I felt free to experiement with clothes. And experiment I did. I wore tutus, flower printed tights, see-through dresses with cut up sweaters, homemade bracelets made from cutting the fancy cuffs off of vintage old-lady blouses, even a skirt made entirely from condoms--still in their bright and shiny wrappers--made by my buddy L. Oh what fun I had! Then I joined the ranks of corporate America, and my closet split off into 3 sections--1) work clothes 2) weird, fun crazy stage clothes 3) everyday eating a sandwich clothes.
The older I get, the less chances I find myself taking with fashion, although I'm trying to get my fashion mojo back.

So that's why the thought of having this little person to dress sounds like so much fun! Think about it--me and Everleigh going thrifting together? Hitting up local vintage stores? Laughing as we create silly outfits? I know it probably won't be a musical montage or anything, but fun WILL be had :) So there's no need to pitch the tutus and faux fur just yet. I'm getting inspriation from cool kid-fashion sites like these:

Pippi Parade--please check this out, if only to make yourself smile. I mean, it's an adorable girl named PIPPI for goodness sakes, wearing weird, fun vintage and thrifted clothes.
Lennon Closet--although it hasn't been updated very recently, Lennon Closet has some adorable pics of Harper rocking out her fantastic clothes.
Prudent Baby--awesome DIY ideas for all things baby and kid. Also, there's a Hot Mess Mommy section with cool fashion and DIY projects for moms too :)

There are so many more, but I don't have time on this super snowy Monday to get to them all. Happy reading!


ringmaster said...

thank you for the mention! and the sweet comment on my blog! can't wait to see how your daughter's wardrobe evolves!

Amira said...

I imagine dressing baby girls has to be fun. But you know, I had the same deal going on with Aiman's outfits and the seconds it would be presentable before the poop or spit-up.

Going to check out the links you provided!