Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Raining, I'm Falling

For those of you who are currently experiencing jacket weather or better, I hate you. No wait, I didn't mean that--I'm jealous of you. Want to swap houses for a month or two?

Because it is not raining men here today in old Kansas City, it's raining ICE. After getting up this morning with baby E, actually doing my hair and makeup (wow!) and slipping into some new "business casual" work duds, I kissed my baby and hubby goodbye, grabbed my coat and my gigantic bag lady purse, and set off. Have I mentioned before that I live 4 blocks from work? Don't judge me ;) I walk when it's nice out. But today my friends, it is the opposite of nice out.

While pulling my car out of the driveway, I realized that I couldn't stop at the bottom of the drive and almost hit another car that was driving extra slow. Then I remembered that my actual wallet and such was still in the diaper bag inside the house. So I pulled around up front, got out, and slid right onto my bum. It was like ice-skating!

Whew! So I got my wallet clutch thing, said goodbye AGAIN, and left. Now I'm here and no one else is at work because it's a wreck waiting to happen out there. Think I'll do a little work, then go get a steaming hot mocha before returning home early to play with Everleigh and nurse my sore tush and my bruised pride :)

But look at what I get to go home to.....

Not so bad when you put it like that :)

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Amira said...

Ev looks like a mini-you :)

And we're experiencing jacket weather, BUT if it makes you feel any better, I sort of wish we had something to call "cold" out here. I've never been in snow in my entire life! How pathetic is that...