Friday, July 8, 2011

The Art Show.

As many of you know, my husband is a painter. He's actually currently a full time stay-at-home-dad/freelance artist/college student.

Well, tonight he has his first gallery show since before our little family expanded. I can tell he's really excited and anxious, but it's funny cause any time I ask a question, like "when do you want to get there tonight?" He's all like, "quit freaking out over this! It's NOT a big deal!" etc. Can we say "projection"?

Seriously though, I hope it's fun and gorgeous and that there's a really good turn out. I'm going as his personal secretary/salesman/business partner/wife since I'm usually the one convincing people they don't just want, no, they NEED to buy his art :)

If you're local, come out tonight and join us at the Monarch Gallery, 3829 Main Street, KCMO from 6-9PM.

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Jet's Journey to the New Normal said...

I've been to (and love!) KC First Fridays. Good luck to your husband!