Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweeter Than Honey

This weekend Scott, Tory, Ev and I ventured out to the River Market to soak in the sights and sounds and purchase some fresh, locally grown goodies.

We've taken Evie several times now to the River Market, and every time she loves it more. On this particular day, it was roughly 106 degrees F outside, so our visit was a bit more brief than usual. We stopped to check out the veggies and snagged some yummy tomatoes, grapes, peaches and cream corn, and yellow/red/green peppers.

We oggled the display of Volkswagon vans/buses, which were super hippy-tastic, and wished we had one.

We bought some honey sticks from local bee-keepers (classic honey, root beer, apple, and raspberry).

We picked up some homemade tomato-basil pasta from a local pasta-maker, and grabbed up some fresh-baked focaccia bread from the Bloom bread co (along with 2 cookies and some water).

Then we headed home to cool off and cook up a delicious Italian meal. Perfection.

The night was topped off with an evening swim with my family :)

And then it was over. Weekends are always such a sweet time! Evie seems so comfortable with Mommy AND Daddy there, and I try to savor every moment with my baby girl who is becoming more grown up by the day. It doesn't get any sweeter than that.

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