Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

My sexy husband holding Ev at Riverfest :)

Everleigh is not so sure about the pouring rain

Daddy and Ev bonding

Ev giving a smooch the only way she knows how: all out

The clouds part and we hit the carnival

Ev does a stroller dance to the jazz music that I captured on video and will attempt to post later. Awesome

Mommy has not mastered the art of the hold and shoot self-portait!
This extra-long holiday weekend has been so great! I've really been soaking up the family time (and ignoring the computer: sorry readers).

Friday night my Evie, mom, big sister, and her mother-in-law all attended the art gallery openings at First Friday downtown. It was pretty fun showing off the art scene to my family, since most of them aren't all that familiar with how that world works. At one point, we were all given fliers for a local event called "Queerfest", and while I thought. "hmm...I'd go to that", my mom was embarrassed. Oh parents, what are you gonna do? 

Saturday, Scott, Tory and I took Everleigh to Day 1 of our downtown Riverfest, where we watched some kites and listened to some ragtime music before giving up on the 106 degree heat. Later that night, I got in a mini girl date with my friend, Jen and had a pomegranate martini and some seriously uplifting conversation. A much needed break.

Sunday, Scott's mom and sister (along with her 2 year old daughter) met up with us and we braved the RAIN (???) to go back for Day 2 of the Riverfest. We literally walked half a mile through mud and puddles to enter the park and huddle under the large ragtime tent because it was pouring outside. Then, the sky cleared and we hit up the carnival. Scotti and I even rode the Tilt-a-Whirl together :)

We all went home, put on dry clothes, ate some pizza, and headed back into the (now)gorgeous day. We  ate sour Dots and drank water and watched Ev chase around with her cousin and give baby hugs. We saw the big kids on the pony rides and the bouncy toys. We watched the sun go down over the river, then stuck around for the best fireworks display in town. We were worried how Ev would handle the fireworks, but she loved them and kept exclaiming, "ooohh! ahhhhh", pointing and clapping for the best ones. 

Today, we have plans to cookout with my family and maybe squeeze in a walk and a nap :)

Hope everyone's having a great 4th!

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