Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Everleigh (13 Months!)

Dear Everleigh,

Today you are 13 months old, but you think you are a big kid :) And in many ways, you are right! Just last night your Daddy and I were commenting on how grown up you seem, and how little by little your baby-ness is fading. You're crying less and communicating more. You're growing so tall and strong, getting those little teeth in, growing your little baby hair. Every time we look at you, we are overwhelmed by how our love just seems to grow and grow--almost as quickly as you!

Here's what you're up to now:

Applause, applause, you LOVE a good round of applause (confession: I always did too). You love it when people clap for you, or heck, even when you clap for yourself. Now every time I sing you a little tune, you applaud afterwards, and you think it's pretty funny when I bow and say, "thank you. thank you very much. I love you all".

Eating. A long time ago I taught you the sign for "milk", which you use at will. You also developed a method of telling us you want real food instead, and that's by opening and closing your mouth like you're chewing something. You eat. and eat. and eat. Lately, every time I look at you, you're giving me the milk hand or the chewing face. You love yogurt, cheese, Cheerios, fruit, and your organic green snacks.

Talking. You're now saying lots of fun words, which I sometimes understand and sometimes don't. You've added "up" and "apple" to your repertoire, along with "pappa" (for grandpa), and "augy" for Tory (not the nickname I would have chosen, but ok :). You're also making lots of fun animal sounds, like a whispered "roar" for lions, a "who who" for owls, and your old panting sound for doggies. It's super sweet, and girl--you are an animal lover.

Recognizing pictures. It's amazing to me that you were literally born just over a year ago, and you've already learned so much. One of our favorite games right now is to look at your books with you and say, "Everleigh, where is the pony?", or "show me the umbrella". You point right to it about 85% of the time, and when you do, you always give yourself a round of applause :) Mommy's girl.

Big girl room. We decided to skip right over the crib phase, since it was not working for you, and get you a Big Girl Bed to go in your big girl room. It's been fun reclaiming your bedroom (since you've been sleeping in ours for the past 12 months and yours became a makeshift storage space. sorry!), and you absolutely love the bright yellow curtains Grandma sewed for you and the owl and tree decals on your walls. I love that Target actually makes a bedroom set that matches all the handmade items we worked hard on and also received as gifts from family and friends.

Your hugs and kisses. Lately you've been feeling the love and giving out lots of hugs and kisses, which always warms my heart. You like to do it when you want though, and not when you're asked. I like that your spunk is still there--like, "you can't tell me what to do". That may not be cute forever, but I'm choosing to love it right now :)

It's so fun to watch your personality develop, and to constantly reflect on how you are changing and also how you are changing me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you laugh or hearing you whisper "mama" as you drift off to sleep. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Love you always,


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