Friday, January 6, 2012

Missouri or Florida?

So, while I understand that as soon as I post about this our luck will likely change, I cannot help but brag about the amazingly lovely mild winter we are having. It's fabulous. It may mean global warming is peaking and we're all going to die. But right now I'm choosing to focus on the positive. Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees outside. 70. On January 5th. In Missouri. Cah-rae-zee.

So I took the afternoon off and scooped up little Ev-wev and we all went to the Zoo to soak it up. While we were a little pressed for time, it was still a lovely little trip. Everleigh kept asking about when we would see the doggies and kitties (her all-time favs) so I don't think she quite gets the concept of the zoo yet, but she had fun seeing the baby monkey and the tiger and playing on the playground with some British kids and being strolled around in the sunshine.

And while I am by no means a pageant mom or some other kind of silly type running around trying to put a hairpiece and false eyelashes on my baby, it made me a little too happy that Everleigh allowed me to put her hair in piggies and SHE KEPT THEM IN MOST OF THE DAY. I know, right?

Again, I don't care if she wears bows all the time or likes pink or wants to be a princess. But dang it if those pigtails aren't the cutest thing ever. So----to recap:
70 degree weather in January in Missouri; A day at the zoo in the sunshine with foreigners; and Everleigh wearing pigtails purely for my enjoyment = a perfect little Thursday.

PS: look at her cute little jacket too. She's such a tough guy!

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