Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's so sweet to see my amazing friends have kids and for our kids to become friends. Who knew the heart could be so filled with love? This weekend, my lovely friend Natalie invited Ev and I to join her and her daughter, Sage, in attending a pre-opening lunch at Cafe Gratitude--a gourmet, raw vegan restaurant opening in Kansas City. Nat got the hook up because she painted the amazing mural you'll see in one of the photos (go Natalie!).

The food was delicious, the company was even better, and the environment was warm and loving. The girls were actually awesome during lunch, and afterwards they tried to get the place hopping by breaking out into spontaneous dancing. Afterwards, we picked up some felt at the local art store for a project, and then headed up to Everleigh's playroom and where we all had some friend-time :)

Check out Natalie's skills on that mural!

We really felt an abundance of joy and love and friendship that day

I meant to photograph the awesome food but it was so good we ate it first. These were our to go boxes ;)

After an accidental slip and fall while dancing, the girls decided it was funny and kept doing it

Getting their dance on

Natalie and Sage in the art store

Fort time!

A brief scuffle over control of the brush

Combing Ev's hair

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