Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This past weekend, Scott and I got away to Lawrence, KS for my birthday while my parents watched Everleigh. It was soooo restful, fun, and relaxing. I haven't felt so young in years ;)

My cutie puckering up after tasting my girly drink

Chicken-mobile with live chickens

Scott checking out "Experimental"

Oh, Henry's--I love you

Posing for a post-drinks pic at Henry's upstairs

My dream van ;)

Friday night was pretty low-key. We checked into the hotel, lazed around for awhile enjoying not having to watch someone every second, and caught a Pickers marathon on TV. Then we decided we needed to shift it into gear, so we hit Mass Street and ate some pizza at a little underground dive called Rudy's. Afterwards, we went to my favorite little record store, Love Garden and Scotti bought me a few killer cd's for my birthday (something I always want to do but rarely spring for). I got an Azure Ray CD, the new Lykke Li (love does not describe how I feel about this album), and Fleet Foxes.

Then we hit up our favorite little Lawrence Bar, Henry's Upstairs, and capped the night with a visit to the Taproom (a basement dance-party with awesome DJ's).

Saturday, we slept in (wow. so nice), had breakfast in bed, and got up to window shop. We visited an antique mall and found Ev an old-school bulldozer that was made to last. Then we hit the vintage shops and got a few new duds. Along the way, we sampled the best coffee of all time, and caught some kind of decorative car/bike parade, which was super fun to see.

Later that night, we had a late dinner at Free State Brewery and then wandered into the coolest show at the Bottleneck that I've been to in a minute. The bands were Spirit is the Spirit and Cloud Dog. Both bands were super-danceable, and the place was packed with strangely dressed artsy kids and lots of skinny white gay guys painted up like American Indians. When Cloud Dog played, they basically had a drum circle combine with techno music. We danced along and laughed until about 2AM, when we headed back to the hotel.

Glorious. The whole weekend was magical and fun and brought us even closer together. We missed Ev like crazy, but it helped us remember how much she has changed our life, and how happy we are in our new role as parents.

So yep, Happy Birthday to me!

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