Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hold On To Your Hats

Really awesome picture of a ThunderSnow taken by PaleMaleIrregulars
 We're now experiencing every local weather man's wet dream: what they've dubbed a "thunder snow". Can you feel the fear people!!!??!!! Thunder and snow. Thundersnow. It sounds like a B movie from the early 90's.

But it's true. It's windy and snowy and apparently supposed to just open up and let us have it later today. FYI--Missourians may be a lot of things but we are NOT good at driving in snow. They're calling for up to 10 inches over the next 2 days so everyone's pretty much freaking out. All school's are canceled. All government offices are closed. The grocery stores are full of people duking it out for the last pack of bottled water, etc.

I, however, am at work. Can you believe it? But not for long. Plus I live a few blocks from work so it's no biggie. I got up early this morning (thanks Everleigh!) and went to the3 grocery store to stock up on the essentials: diapers, wipes, frozen pizzas, chips and cheese dip, beer, and stuff to make BLT's (don't judge me--I bought lettuce and tomatoes). Then I headed in to work. I have no real work to do today since no clients want to deal with trying to come in, but they told us yesterday we better try to get here, so here I am.

I plan to leave before noon and head home to snuggle with my girl. Maybe we'll play dress up and have a photo session :)

Hope you all are snuggling with the ones you love today. Peace out! Don't let the thundersnow get you!



Amira said...

Thundersnow! Sounds like a little bit like Armageddon. The temperature dropped 25 degrees in about 30 mins here, but it's still sunny outside, just some fierce windchill.

Post some pictures if you do have a photo session! Would love to see them :)

Hope you guys guys stay warm and cozy!

GoodnessMeGoddess said...

Oh wow...Thundersnow~ Im sending you warm/snuggly thoughts my friends!! ;)