Friday, June 10, 2011

The Clingy Phase

Right now Everleigh is in a real I- want- mommy- all- the- time kind of phase. Which basically makes me feel awful because I have to leave her every day to go to work. Scott reports that she says my name (mama) over and over while I'm gone and stares at my painting.

When I get home, god forbid I try to take a restroom break or brush my teeth or anything that may involve being out of her line of vision momentarily or she will lose it. I mean, fall on the floor crying with the saddest face you ever did see, real tears streaming down her face.

Times like that make me SOOO happy that my girl loves me, and also make me wish I never had to go. Last night I had terrible guilt-fueled dreams about leaving her standing somewhere crying.

Ahh...motherhood. The most rewarding and guilt-ridden job you'll ever have.

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