Thursday, June 16, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough...

This week I've been thinking a lot about resiliency and how important it is to practice good self care, especially when things are overwhelming.

I hate to feel like I'm a complaint machine. I really try to reframe and keep a positive outlook. I know I am blessed in so many amazing ways and I'm grateful for my life. But sometimes my small problems really seem huge.

This week my car finally decided to give up the ghost...the transmission went. It has also been air condition-less for a couple years now (because it was going to cost $850ish to replace the whole system). In light of these 2 huge issues, we decided to trade it in. The car we want is being transferred in from South Carolina and will be here next week. So in the meantime we're borrowing my mom's car and then getting a rental to get us through ($$$). The bad news is, I paid my car off last month and was SO thrilled about the prospect of having that extra money. The good news is I got a raise in June and can now afford a car (and warranty. fool me twice, shame on me), and I'm excited about driving the new (used) car around. So yay to new cars, and boo to cars crapping out on you and draining your pocketbook.

Also, Everleigh is going through a major growth spurt right now, which is awesome cause she's growing so fast, and her hair's really coming in and her teeth are popping through, and she's learning words right and left. She's also not sleeping. Like--waking every hour during the night. I've read that during growth spurts, babies will sometimes have sleep difficulties from being hungry and from all the extra brain activity. But seriously? Mommy is tired. Last night I hit a bit of a breaking point where I could tell I was going to crash. My heart slowed down and my eyes started pounding. I felt moody and exhausted. I bathed Ev and did her bedtime ritual, then called Scott in to help while I crashed out.

Sleep deprivation can make a girl crazy, and it certainly makes me less pleasant to be around. Today I feel a little more rested, and feel terrible about the moodiness I was putting out there for a few days. Ha-rumph.

Also, I feel bad about not blogging much lately and wanted to say that I plan to kick it into gear soon with fun updates and more pictures (if I can get the girl to stay still for long enough to capture anything but the top of her head while she walks away from me :)

Here's to a fresh start next week!

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