Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Success

So...for a lot of moms (and dads) out there, Halloween is a holiday where you buy or make the cutest little outfit for your munchkin, attempt to select something you think they won't hate, and pray they will actually put it on, pose for one adorable pic, and enjoy the family-fun filled night roaming the neighborhood with you in tow, wowing neighbors and passing strangers alike with their cuteness.

I gotta tell you, as a "Christian kid" who was basically never allowed to trick or treat (although I do recall one or two years where we dressed as Bible characters and did a can-drive door to door....), I feel it is my duty to provide Everleigh with all the fun normal kid things I missed out on ;)

The night actually went well. Scott had class til late, so Ev and I met up with my big sis and her adorable 6 year old, Edmond. Everleigh liked her bee costume, and enjoyed wearing it, save the little bee headband which was rejected. She loved getting out into the night air, chasing after her big cousin, pointing out the moon and stars, and even doing a little dance for the neighbors who were pumping scary music into the yard. She mustered up a few "tick or teats", and said some "thank you's", and while she couldn't have cared less about the candy or the actual task of going door to door, I could tell she loved feeling like she owned the night.

Here are some shots! PS: Everleigh pretty much refuses to be you either have to take shots of her running away/looking away or trick her by singing a Yo Gabba Gabba jingle and snapping it really fast. This was the best I could do under those circumstances :)


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