Monday, November 28, 2011

Teethsplosion, Ear Ache and a Scuffed Face

This really has not been Everleigh's best week. Last Monday or so she started getting fussy during the day and just plain not sleeping at night. She also started getting like 10 teeth at once, so I couldn't really blame her.
I wrote off the fussiness as teething-related, and tried to catch brief naps here and there, drink enough coffee, and put enough eye-liner on that I looked awake at work :) And yes, we're trying to ditch the binkie since she's a big girl now, but tough times call for tough measures. It was either go with the binkie or let her stay attached to my nipples all day. Nursing a sick toddler is much like nursing a newborn--sweet and loving but constant.

She didn't get better. After telling my mom about it, she was convinced it was an ear infection. But it was Thanksgiving and there were no docs open. The Walgreen and CVS take care clinics only see 18 month and older kids...Ev is 17 months. So we waited, and my sis slipped me some unused ear drops from her 6 year olds last ear infection. They really helped her get some rest, which further confirmed our suspicions.

Then to add injury to insult, Ev stumbled in the driveway of my sister's house following Thanksgiving and scuffed her little nose and upper lip. It wasn't deep or serious, but the light scuffing quickly scabbed over and frankly, looks awful.

This morning I took the morning off work, and after seeing Scott off to school, I took Ev to her pediatrician where he confirmed that she does, in fact, have an ear infection in her right ear. So now my baby's on the up and up. Whew!

That was my week. Somewhere in there, I also saw family, cooked a yummy turkey, ate lots of delicious homemade food, attended my neice, Remi's 3 year birthday party, did some Play Therapy homework, and secured us a new adorable rental house--More to come on that! At the new place, Ev's bedroom/playroom is GIANT and I'm so excited to have an excuse to decorate again (using many of the same staple peices from her nursery, of course).

No worries though--things are looking up! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Rachel said...

I'm glad Everleigh is feeling better! If she ever gets sick after hours and you feel like you can't wait to get her seen, both Children's Mercy North and South have Urgent care centers that are open seven days a week. South is 24 hours and North is until 10pm.

Erika said...

thanks for the tip! I had tried once before to take her to the Childrens Mercy on Hospital Hill and they said she'd have to go to teh ER, which made me feel silly (plus ER visits are crazy high even with my insurance). Glad to know there are some decent urgent cares for kids in the area!