Friday, November 4, 2011

Playing a Show...After a One Year Hiatus

Well, folks, I've just finalized plans to play a show on December 23rd with Alice. Rachel is coming back to town for the holidays, and we were like "um, how bout playing a show?" it's settled. We're playing at The Rendezvous in Saint Joseph, MO (Rachel's hometown) on December 23rd...mark your calendars :)

I guess I'm feeling a mix of really really excited and totally freaking out. Here's the deal--I LOVE the stage. Love performing. Period. I started singing in church when I was like...4, then graduated to plays, orchestra, band, small groups, cheerleading, dance...basically anything that involved music + standing on a stage with lights on you followed by applause. I love it. Being in a band so perfect for me, because the band started after a period of me doing singer/songwriter stuff and not knowing where to take it. I was 22 and had just graduated college with 6 months left on my lease and no plan. What better thing to do than to bartend and start a band? My parents were worried. But I stuck with the band even when I got my first "real job"...stuck with it even when I was in night school to get my MA. Heck, I stuck with it when I was living in a different city and when I was pregnant and nauseous and sleepy.

But at this current time? It's been almost a year since I last performed. And that includes karaoke night at the hole in the wall bar we love. Sure, I sing Yo Gabba Gabba songs and The Wheels on the Bus all the time to an audience of one. I've even busted out the guitar a few times for Ev, but stopped after she insisted on grabbing at the strings. Do I even remember these songs? How to play the bass? The electric guitar? How to be awesome on stage? How to take enough time out of my week to practice? These questions may not be answered right away.

Being a mom and being a rock star (even if it's on a really small level where you're just giggin locally and playing shows for your friends) do not instinctively go together. I'm already thinking about childcare and how this even fits in to our move and what I'm going to wear and where we'll stay the night and so on. I'm a mom, guys. Let's hope I can still rock, because let's face it---I could use a few applause.

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GoodnessMeGoddess said...

Don't worry mama, you will totally remember how to rock. It's in your blood. We'd be rockin' with or without praise, yeah. :)