Monday, November 14, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award-This Mama Got Linked!

I was flagged by the amazingly interesting, dry humored, and witty mommy pre-med blogger Amira of Amiracan Story to complete the Kreativ Blogger Award questionnaire. As such, I'm required to answer the following questions while trying to also sound interesting and cool. J/k. ;)

Name your favorite song: Wow. Music has meant so much to me throughout my life, that it would be crazy-hard to pick ONE. Here are a few that have meant the most to me in recent years or that I just altogether dig: Sea and the Rythm by Iron and Wine; Falling Slowly (from the movie Once), by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova; All I Need by Radiohead; Let it Be Me by Ray LaMontagne; Maybe Not by Cat Power. Can you tell I'm a sucker for sad songs and love songs? Day to day though I'm primarily an NPR and Pandora girl, or I listen to the comedy station in town to keep it light (since my job is pretty much the opposite of light most days). 
Name your favorite dessert: I'm gonna go with Tiramisu. But let's face it, every dessert is okay in my book ;)
What pisses you off?: People who think they have all the answers. Mouth breathers. Political figures who want to give less and less to those who need so much. People who hurt kids. 
When you’re upset, you: Try to stay calm, then have a freak out session later, usually to my husband or maybe in my car alone. In these moments I have been known to get angry, cry, eat junk food, say  things I don't mean, slam doors, journal, then calm down, think about all the dumb things I did and/or said and apologize. It's not a great system. I'm working on it. 
Your favorite pet: Um, a rock? Can I go ahead and say here that A). I realized after growing up with birds, dogs, and cats galore (and feeling awful), that I am severely allergic to most animals and no matter how cute your dog is, it's really not worth it for me to pet him if I go home with red eyes and a sore throat. B). Because of A. I really don't enjoy cats (or especially dogs). Same goes for bunnies, hamsters, etc. Most people think you're a jerk if you mention that, soo...I usually just don't. C). I also kind of think it's gross that people let animals live in their homes, lay in their beds,  lick their hands (and then touch other things), get hair all over their clothes and stuff. I have to say I'm against it. D). I am NOT an animal hater, and if being around them made me feel great, I guess my favorite pet would be a cat.
Black or White?: Black. Hands down.Next question.  
Your biggest fear: Self-sabatage 
Best Feature: The older I get, the more realistic I get about my outward appearance, and the less I really care about what I look like---instead my energy goes to what I FEEL like and how I make others feel. I guess my best feature is my mind. I remember when I was younger and feeling awkward, trying to imagine what I would look like when I "grew up". I guess I just kind of thought I'd look like someone totally different--maybe Gwenneth Paltrow or something. Haha. No one told me you pretty much look like YOURSELF, just older and maybe a little fatter. Now when I look at baby pictures, I'm like "oh. There I was." I still have the same eyes, nose, lips, expressions. This seems obvious, but wasn't to me for some reason.
Everyday Attitude: "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" --Abe Lincoln
What is perfection?: A day in the sun with my family laughing, playing, being in nature, breathing in the warm air, saying how much we mean to each other without having to say it aloud. Getting the baby to bed at a reasonable time and getting tangled up in an engaging and intellectual conversation with my husband over a glass of red, followed by kisses and at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I am drooling right now thinking of it :)
Guilty Pleasure: This mama loves the occasional opportunity to completely zone out and watch something so bad it's good, like the Bachelor, while Daddy plays with the girl. Pre-baby we would make it a drinking game and take a sip of beer or wine whenever anyone in reality TV said the word "journey". Warning--don't do this unless you have nothing to do the next day, no kids, and lots of Alka Seltzer. 
Random Facts:
  • I was homeschooled until fifth grade and I feel like it made me a weird person. No offense, but I would never do it with Ev.
  • I bit my tongue almost off when I was 3 or 4 and had to get stitches and only eat popsicles and pudding for a month. My tongue still looks kind of different because as I got older, it grew around the scar
  • People have told me I look like so many people who look nothing like each other or me....check it out: Juliette Lewis (the one I get the most. People also say I sound like her. Weird.) Drew Barrymore. Uma Thermon. For a short time when I was thinner and more tan I got Paris Hilton a lot. Um, Kelly Ozzbourne. Courtney Love. Hmm...those are the big ones. I think I look like a mix between old Greek statues and every other white chick with blond hair, blue eyes and a weird nose. 
  • I am one of those people who can't let it go if someone doesn't like me. 
  • I have been singing and performing in church and whatnot since I was like 4, but I didn't write my first song (lyrics AND melody) until I was like 21 or 22. It's amazing how much more meaningful songs are when they come from your heart.
  • My first sort of band (that never really turned into much) was called Lo Haze. By me anyways. I was in a big Nabokov phase at the time. I also really wanted to name my future daughter Lo, but then it got all used up and stupified by reality TV (The OC?) and I married a guy with a heavy O sound in his last name. That was the end of that.
  • I am a huge fan of WOMEN in general. I love female musicians. I love to read books by women. I love the depth and intensity of the female experience. I think we're in an era where women are trying to redefine themselves, and I am proud to say I know so many amazing and inspiring gals. 
  • Sometimes I think about what kind of old lady I want to be someday. Try it, it's fun!

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amira said...

Oh, yours was a fun read!!

I can completely relate to your thoughts on pets. I mean, in theory, a pet is fun and sweet and nice to have around, but god, can you just not let your dog french kiss your baby? I saw that once and the parents thought it was buttloads cute. I thought it was just shitloads gross.

Totally dug your pictures throughout and thought it was a splendid touch!

You are too adorable, missy.

(by the way, about that book you lent me...I swear I'm nearly done with it. Would you mind emailing me your address to send it back to you? Thanks for passing it along to me!)