Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Everleigh (8 Months!)

Wow! You really are growing too fast and trying to give your dear mom a heart attack, baby girl. Today you are 8 months old and I just can't believe all you've accomplished in the last month.

Here are some of the high points:

You climbed 2 stairs one day out of the blue and I was so excited! Then later that night to show off, you climbed the whole first staircase, then crawled across the landing and climbed up the OTHER staircase about halfway (maybe a total of about 10 or 12 stairs) before you got bored or maybe realized you were in over your head. You never cease to shock and amaze us with how tough you are!

Here are some pictures I captured of you very first trek up the stairs.

Also this month, you learned to clap and have been testing out the best times to use this skill. You don't just clap all the time--oh no. You clap when you're really over-the-moon happy, when someone does something silly, or sometimes when you see another kid throw a fit. I'm not sure what that's all about. Please don't get any big ideas.

You have really been digging having baby food, fruit, and juice this month (in addition to your 24-7 access to mommy's milk bar). You used a sippy cup for the first time this month, and we also discovered that you do great drinking out of a big person cup too. now whenever daddy or I have a glass of ice water, you beg us for a sip. Sometimes you even leave crumbs of whatever you were munching on in the water for us to enjoy later ;)

You've started practicing standing on your own now too and can stand without help for about 5-10 seconds. Sometimes you don't even realize you're doing it :) You love to practice walking with daddy, and I do believe you will be an early walker, Miss E.

Your daddy and I are trying with all our might to help you get to sleep at a better time and to sleep in your crib, but you're just not having it. You won't hesitate to "cry it out" for hours and hours if we let you (and we really don't). We attempted letting you cry in 10 and 15 minute intervals, coming in to reassure you periodically, but you seemed to get even more awake through this process. After spending several nights sleeping on your nursery floor, Daddy and I decided to move your crib into our bedroom. This has somewhat improved things. We're working on it ;) If my parents were as cool as me and daddy, I wouldn't want to go to bed either!

You are still toothless, although lately I've felt some little hints of teeth coming through, so it might not be long before you get some little chiclet teeth to add to your happy-go-lucky grin.

I love you so much, Evie. You are my little lovey, and even when I'm tired and frustrated and feeling down, just one smile from you can turn it all around. I know that sounds like a corny light rock song and I'm sorry.

You're the best!



Evie and Mommy

PS: Nicknames we're calling you this month (in addition to your regular Ev, E, and Evie): Peach-O (our bagger at the grocery store had this name and well, it just stuck), Geech and Geech-O  (this started when you were just a few weeks old. I can't explain it other than that you sometimes make weird faces that your dad and I consider to be "geechy"), as well as your staple: Babique (pronounces babe-eek). This nickname was created by your dad and I when you were a month old or so. You had some PJ's that looked like a Vegas Elvis type outfit, and we decided your stage name would be "Babique, the French Sensation". Ever sense, it's been a term of endearment for you (hence, this blog's name). You have a lot of names for such a little person and we try to keep it fun :) Signing off!

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GoodnessMeGoddess said...

Oh yay!! I love your blog so much! So excited for your little walker! :)