Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Snow Days

Everleigh on her handmade blankie--Thanks Alex!

Smiling through the binkie

Trying to get Ev by her amazing handmade "EVERLEIGH" lace thing (made by our 90 year old neighbor)

Evie's little giraffe shoes from Gymboree's sales rack :)
 While we were experiencing a thundersnow ;) mama got to stay home and play stay-at-home mom for a couple days. It was SO NICE! Makes me wish I could do it all the time. Sigh. For you stay at home moms out there, I know it's tough. It is really heard to take care of this other person day in and day out, often while putting your own needs and wants aside in favor of say, watching Maisy and reading Baby Faces for the 600th time.

However, in my case Everleigh usually wakes up in an awesome mood and stays happy and playful all day until around 5-6PM. Then she gets fussy, sleepy, whiney, needy. She wants held and rocked and snuggled. These are all things I love anyways,'s sometimes tough to find the energy to do all these things after working 8 hours. Maybe I want to sit and eat dinner. No way. Maybe I want to take a bath or have a glass of wine and veg out and watch 30 Rock or something. Forget it. I basically end up working the day shift at my job and the night shift at home Monday through Friday.

So you can see how I would be so happy to have almost 2 full days with my girl, at her favorite time of day! Here's what we did Wednesday:
  • Woke up with Evie around 7AM and went in to see Scott (in the bedroom) and change her diaper.
  • Cuddled until about 8 when Scott had to go outside and get to snowblowing the massive driveway.
  • While he was gone, I dyed my hair (whew! i feel way better now), and sang and danced around with Ev to an oldies station.
  • Then we made daddy some hot tea (Oriental Spice from Tea Drops..his favorite!) and played until he made it in from the cold.
  • We watched Maisy and Boo (Ev's favorites) and read some books.
  • Then we made BLT's (yum yum) and enjoyed them thoroughly while Everleigh ate some applesauce and chicken and gravy baby food (which I tried and thought was nasty).
  • Then Scott had to brave the cold again to buy some salt stuff for the sidewalks. Ev and I stayed in and did a mini photo session (although she didn't really want to coorperate).
  • Evie took a nap and I painted my nails a light matte greenish-aqua color
  • When Scott returned, we all played together some more. Scott and I played a few songs for Ev on guitar, which she loves. Then he went back out to snow blow some more and salt everything (I'm telling you--it was a thundersnow people!)
  • I took a bath with Ev in her doorway jumper thing using my Philosophy Cherry bath stuff. Mmmm.
  • Scott returned and he and I ate dinner in shifts and played with our girl until it was her bathtime
  • Mommy bathed Ev, lotioned her up with lavender, put on her Hug Me jammies, and nursed her to sleep. Then mommy and daddy fell asleep on the couch too with big big smiles on our faces.


amira said...

It sounds like you guys had a perfect time indoors during your thundersnow days :) And those giraffe shoes are too adorable.

GoodnessMeGoddess said...

LOVE the shoes. :)