Thursday, February 3, 2011

Remember this little number?

Picture by Heart and Sew
Well, I finally had an excuse to buy it from the amazing little Etsy shop Heart and Sew :) My girlfriend's little baby is turning ONE next month, and I thought it was only right that he have some proper menswear since he's all grown up now. You'll have to see this baby to fully understand--he was born with the greatest head of hair ever (it seriously looked so good, it almost seemed like a toupee), and he has huge dimples, gorgeous eyes, and several arm rolls. He looks like a handsomely plump newscaster, and probably would be if they'd let babies do that kind of work.

I got the package in the mail yesterday and it is the cutest thing ever of all time. Can't wait to see little Sully all gussied up in it! I'm thinking maybe Easter (seeing as how we're in the midst of a "thunder snow" right now)? Maybe paired with some knee highs and loafers? I'm sure his fashionista mommy will figure it out just fine. Lol. Little boys are so cute!

Go check out Heart and Sew's vintage duds on Etsy! Warning: you may just fall in love.


Stacy said...

oh, i bet he'll look to sweet in it! thanks, so glad that you love it. :)

Tiffany said...