Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear Everleigh (10 Months!)

Photos by Jennifer Flanagan of Image Market Photography

Dear Everleigh,

Today you are ten months old and I'm really beside myself about how quick you're growing up! This month was a truly HUGE month for you and your little self.

Here's what you've been up to:

In short, trouble. You can sniff out the most dangerous item in a room in less than 5 seconds flat and you gravitate towards trouble all day ;) You're very cute though, so we forgive you.

You've gone from taking a few steps whenever no one was looking, to full on walking and now you cannot be stopped. You have even started walking while holding toys in both hands. Basically, you're a rock star.

And speaking of rock've also started doing this awesome thing now when you hear music you like, where you get on all fours, bounce back and forth, and shake your head real slow to the music. It's super cute and makes you look like an old festival pro. More of that, please.

You have also discovered the game where you open drawers (kitchen, dresser, whatever you can find), and throw out each item one-by-one onto the floor. Sometimes you put things back in so you can throw them out again, but you just don't believe us that the game is just as fun when you pick it all up and leave it put away ;)

Daddy has started letting you pick out outfits for the day based on what pants and shirt you throw out of the drawer, then kiss. It's an interesting system that often results in fun pairings.

You slept through the night ONCE this month. Which makes once since you were born. I was still up every few hours out of habit. Silly Mommy.

Oh, and this month you grew a little more hair and TWO TEETH. Boom and boom, your little bottom teeth sprung right up and they are looking super cute if I do say so myself.

Hmm...what else. You started calling your whole grain and fruit treats "nang nangs" and you frequently request them by name. You stopped nursing as much and I thought you were starting to self-wean, but then a bad head cold reminded you of the comfort a good boob can provide, and you are back with a vengeance.

You also had your first introduction to spring weather this month, and discovered how much you love the park with its puppies, grass, kites, and the hustle and bustle of tons of other little ones.

You are growing to be so fiercely independent and strong, and I'm so proud to be your mommy.



Nicknames we're calling you this month: Tooth Magooth ("Magooth" for short) to celebrate the late arrival of your baby teeth, and Nake McGake (anytime you take off running while we're trying to get a diaper on you or just before your bath). No matter what though, you'll always be our little geech.

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