Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Everleigh!

It was little Evie's first Easter, and she was a real champ :)

Yesterday we took her to a city-wide egg hunt, but actually arrived just after the hunt was over...regardless, she was thrilled to see so many little kids. She got to see the Easter Bunny (a creepy 70's looking thing), a fire engine, and a cupcake walk. Oh, and about 500 kids, which was all she cared about.

Later that night we took her to an outdoor show in Parkville, featuring our friends' band, Dolewite, and Ev got to try out her cool noise-cancelling headphones. I just thought it was adorable that she looked like a little baby DJ.

Then this morning we slept in and woke up to the sun peeping through the windows (which was awesome because it's been rainy and gloomy here for what feels like forever). Evie got a little sink bath in and then changed into her pretty pretty Easter dress, and we drove to the City Market to purchase some fresh-picked green beans for supper. I even dressed up in a new blue dress that flattered my most recent 5 lb weight loss (yay! keep it coming!). I kind of wished I had a big white hat like the ones I wore as a kid.

It's funny how having a kid of your own brings back so many long forgotten memories from your own childhood. Traditions become increasingly important, and it never ceases to amaze me how much I lean on my childhood traditions for inspiration.

At my big sister's house, Everleigh did her first egg hunt, during which she basically located one egg, realized it had her treats in it (which she refers to as "nang nangs"), and proceeded to eat her treats and shake the egg. I mean, she found one egg--why look for more? Luckily her cousin was kind enough to donate some eggs to her basket.

Judging from the fact that she crashed out at about 7:30 tonight and is sleeping like a, well a baby that sleeps better than her, I'd say Everleigh's first Easter was a success ;)

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