Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Fountains and The Youth

SO sleepy but so sad we were leaving :(
Yesterday we decided to show Everleigh how awesome Kansas City can be in Spring. I took her to her 5 year-old cousin's soccer game (which was super action-packed ;), then played on the playground. Later that  day, Scott and I loaded her into the car for the 2 minute ride to Crown Center in downtown.

Crown Center has these awesome little fountains that go up and down and send little kids splashing and giggling through. We took Everleigh last summer when she was teeny tiny, but she was pretty passive about it then (um, probably because she was like 1 month old). But this year she is BIG and it's bound to be the summer of fun. As soon as we set her down, she took off walking into the fountains without a backward glance. We were both proud and frightened. A super brave kid is not always a great thing...especially come teen years...nevertheless.

She did not need to be shown what to do. She splashed, she played. She stared at people and made them giggle and feel weird at the same time. She made friends with the random other fountain kids. In short, she LOVED it.

When she was done, she was acting super tired but wasn't willing to give it up. We changed her into dry clothes and loaded her into the car, where she immediately crashed out while we went for a leisurely drive around the Strawberry Hill area and oohed and ahhed at the sleek modern architects' houses sandwiched between clunky old houses with flamingo lawn ornaments. We held hands and smiled and just felt awesome.

Then the girl woke up, we all went home and Scott worked in the garden while I played outside with Ev til the sunset. Peace. Happiness. Love was all around.

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