Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Friday

Wow, this weekend was truly epic ;) I had a date with my husband Friday (hubba hubba), a "ladies night" Saturday (at the KC Roller Warriors derby bout), and enjoyed a blissful Sunday with the girl in the sunshine.

Friday night: Scott and I snagged a date night so we could hit up the local art scene in the Crossroads art district....a night where all the local galleries open their doors (and sometimes their bottles of pino) to welcome the masses and debut new art from local and national artists. It's basically awesome--the most "city" feel Kansas City really gets. When the weather is warm, there are throngs of people (rich middle agers, curious onlookers, freaks, geeks, trust fund art students, parents, children, homeless people) who make it out for this monthly ritual.

We saw some awesome performance art involving ariel fabric ladies, space age costumes, and electric violins. We saw modern and retro designed cardboard chairs, a drum circle complete with hula hoopers, a giant telescope, lots of upbeat gay guys, a new mom wearing 6 inch heels and carrying a baby that was almost as big as her. We bought a strawberry lemonade cupcake off a bakery truck and drank some Boulevards. We sat in the car not wanting to leave the scene but knowing we needed to go collect our girl. We listened to the new Radiohead cd and kissed.

Then we tried to start the car and realized we'd somehow killed the battery, and that we no longer had jumper cables. Rut ro. So we did what any reasonable adults would do--we called my mom ;) But there was no need; we ended up finding two kind strangers willing to give us a jump, and we were on our way.

Date night is back! Those 2 and a half hours made us feel so free and happy and lovey-dovey. It was truly lovely.

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