Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Late Report: Ladies' Night Ya'll

I have a confession (gasp!). I took a night for myself and didn't blog about it (double gasp!). But I meant to. I've just been feeling a combination of sick, lazy, and busy that resulted in this undocumented alleged event.
Here goes:

A mommy friend proposed a monthly girls' night. I thought, "that sounds perfect." So when the date was set, I spread the word like mad. And you know what? Chalk it up to bad timing, but NO ONE could attend but me and the one friend who proposed the whole thing in the first place. Who knows? Maybe we smell bad or something (um, just kidding. we don't). But you know what? I went. And although it was less of a "ladies' night" and more a girl-date, it was SO NICE to take that whole night and just be me again. Not mommy-me. Just me.

Here's what we did: Jen picked me up (it was a girl-date after all), and we went to Grinders for a glass of white and some good conversation. Then, we hit up the local Kansas City Roller Warriors roller derby bout. Which was pretty awesome. We got really into that first bout and it was a nail biter for sure. If you've never gone to see live roller derby, I highly recommend it ;) I've actually had the secret dream of being a roller derby girl for years now, but the timing's never been right. It WILL happen though, so look out!

After we had our fill of chicks on roller skates and ripped up fishnets slamming into each other, we headed to the Bulldog for a nightcap and neither one of us even knew what drink to get. That's what happens when you get out of practice--be warned ;) So we ordered rum and pineapples, which were so-so and kept the conversation going.

Even though it was pretty low-key, I am dead set on making it a monthly tradition, because both Jen and I felt so relieved and grounded afterwards. Just having that time to relax and not worry that the kid is getting into the drawers, and actually connect with a fellow female without judgement, without competition. It was fabulous.

And maybe next time 1 or 2 other people will join us!

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