Thursday, April 28, 2011

The World of Work

I think it's strange that the older I get (uh, I'm 28 now and aging by the day ;), the more I think about WORK. What do I really really want to do specifically? How will the jobs I take and the moves I make now get me to where I want to be in the future? What is most fulfilling to me? How do I marry doing what I love and also making enough money to be comfortable?

And so it goes. I know, boring right? But I've noticed that in my late-twenties, whenever the conversation with friends or family in a similar age group turns to work, a lot of us are asking those same questions. When did we get so old and boring anyways? j/k. Coming from the land of my early twenties, where everyone I knew (including me) was a musician/artist/writer by day and a server/bartender/other by night, this change feels pretty substantial. Now we're talking about "building resumes" and "taking this position to help propel me to my dream position" and retirement, benefits, pensions. When did we get so adult-y?

But I do think it's cool to have finally scored some meaningful work, and to have some (overpriced) education under my belt to back it up. Now I'm setting goals, which brings up even more questions!--do I want a private practice where I primarily see children and adolescents (for play therapy) but also work with families? Do I want to publish a book relating to therapy? Do I want to continue agency work and slowly transition to private practice? Will I miss working with adults?

 At this point I think my ultimate goal is to continue working for my agency until I am fully licenced and have my play therapy certification. Then to begin my private practice, which I would like to be a group practice that's a collaboration of holistic mind/body treatment. So maybe I would specialize in play therapy and creative arts therapy (like sand tray), and would also offer groups and classes like yoga, meditation practices, maybe have a nutritionist on staff. I think that would be the best representation of my work and my authentic self. Plus, I'm hoping to collaborate with friends of mine who are yoga instructors and nutritionists and amazing holistic-living individuals in the process.

And I'm inspired to see friends and family making similar moves towards snagging their dream jobs. Not just selling out and getting a sales job, but really thinking long and hard about what they want and taking steps to get there.

My birthday's coming up next month (and yes, I will be turning 29--the age I will remain for the rest of my life). And with this birthday comes a calm assurance that I'm heading in the right direction. For me. For my family. For Everleigh. And it feels awesome.

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