Thursday, December 1, 2011

New House, New Playroom!

As some of you know, we've been looking to move for a few months now. We love our sweet little townhouse in the city, but we recently found out that if we stay, our rent will almost double. While we were bummed at first, the more we thought about it, the more it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what else Kansas City had to offer us. We really didn't want to look at buying, because at this time our plan is to wait until Scott finishes art school (he attends the amazing Kansas City Art Institute), and then see where life takes us. We dream of warmer winters and being within a day's drive of the ocean. Maybe Austin. Maybe New orleans. Maybe somewhere we haven't even thought of yet. So for now, the search was on.

We searched high and low. Very very low. We saw some adorable houses we LOVED, that were unimaginably tiny, some crazy bad properties that landlords should be ashamed to be asking money for, and some in-betweeners. We found one really old house that was pretty huge and in our budget, but the landlords didn't want to wait a month for us to move in, and we would have had to pay a large deposit back in Nov, then pay the whole month's ret in December at both locations...we opted out.

Then we discovered this cute little older house that had recently been renovated. It's in the city, but not the scary somebody might get shot part. It has a little backyard and deck (yay!), a lovely little front porch, a warm sunny feel inside, two bathrooms (most of the places we found only had one, and Scott hates sharing a bathroom with me because of all the "girl stuff"--blow dryers, flat irons, makeup bags, toner, etc.), and the huge selling point? A giant upstairs bedroom/playroom extraordinaire for Miss Ev.

So now we're starting to pack our things and decide what to keep, what to donate, what to sell, what to give away. And I'm excitedly planning our new space! I've been looking for inspiration for Ev's playroom, since her new room will be about 3 or 4 times the size of her current room. Look at some of the cool playrooms I've found for inspiration!
I just love the colors and swing and everything about this room. Pipe dream stuff, but it's still neat.
Sort of a Dwell, if I were rich design, but I love the treehouse idea. And I'm married to an artist, so you ever know!
Pretty teepee!

I like these shelves

This might be the most like Ev's actual space...similar walls and space

Again, similar shape to Ev's new room. I like the use of the low walls...

Anyone have neat DIY tips or ideas for playrooms? Thoughts on how to organize all the toys and books in cute and cost efficient ways? I'd love to hear it and/or see your ideas!


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