Monday, February 20, 2012

The Art Thing

So we went to the art thing last Friday night and it was super high energy and funtastic. There were lots of artists and fancy people and people who fancy themselves to be artists.

I meant to take more pictures, but A). every time I went to take, say, a crowd shot I felt like someone locked eyes with me and felt weird that I was taking their picture. B). I was busy trying to chase a baby and also have fun, which left little time or space for taking pictures. Be grateful I got what I got ;)

My favorite gallery was called Plug. They featured several works by an artist who used a lot of architectural style drawing and designs in his pieces, and I really like the flow of the work. They also had a DJ playing techno style dance music and Everleigh had to stop and do her bend-at-the-knees, swing her arms side to side dance. It was a real crowd pleaser, and when the song ended, Ev clapped for herself and everyone around her clapped too. People really like seeing toddlers dance, ya'll.

Another brand new gallery, called Bill Brady, was packed and noisy as all get out. They had some fun pieces and also some things that make non-artists cringe with comments like "is this art or something a kindergarten class made?" I'm no art critique, so don't trust my judgement, but some of the picks seemed questionable to me.

At the Dolphin, someone had brought their furry friend, a dog, and Ev had a blast chasing it around the gallery space and laughing uncontrollably. Normally, this would be frowned upon, but that night everyone was feeling pretty up for partying, so kids chasing a dog in the gallery seemed pretty normal. Surprisingly, there were several other young kids there too, and everyone was pretty excited to see this poor dog, who certainly got his fair share of huge, kisses, strokes, and fur-grabs. Then we headed outside to catch some heat from the bonfire (I held Ev to make sure she didn't do anything silly) and we wrote a song about the fire, which is probably the lamest song ever, but she liked it.

We ended the night by saying goodbye to Daddy, so he could continue to rub elbows with the art elite and shamelessly promote himself and we could get snuggly in bed. Ev and I took a bubble bath together, read some books, and drifted off to sleep with our hearts full of love heads full of beautiful images from the night.

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