Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY Hair Rose for Baby (Or You!)

As you all know, my Everleigh absolutely refuses to wear hair bows. I can sometimes con her into letting me put her hair in piggies for a minute, but once she remembers they're in they come right back out. Also, she inherited my hair's magical shape-shifting ability to hold a form, so if I put her hair in piggies and she takes them out on the way to the store, her hair will still be in the basic shape of pigtails--but weirder. It doesn't lay back flat, even if they were only in for like 3 minutes.

ANYWAYS, in the hopes that some day I could convince her that bows are awesome, I took on this DIY project. And you know what? It was pretty easy and fun. You can do it too!

1). Get yourself some wool felt. I chose blue and yellow squares and they were like .50 each.
2). Follow the directions found HERE on the adorable site makeit-loveit.
3). Try to get your daughter to wear it and if all else fails, rock it out yourself!

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