Friday, February 17, 2012

Much More Gooder

Now that the cold/flu bug has left us, we are feeling (in the childhood words of my sister-in-law) "much more gooder". Last night, Scott cleaned the house top to bottom (don't you just love OCD husbands?), and I boiled our toothbrushes. No more colds, please!

Tonight in celebration of our newfound health, we are going out as a family to a big gallery opening down in the West Bottoms. Kansas City's art scene is really blossoming, and several prominant gallery owners nationwaide are taking notice. Tonight, we're planning to put on our "art scene finest", and head down to party (baby and all) with the biggest names in the Kansas City art scene. Apparently, there are some exhibits opening tonight, which feature New York artists, and should be pretty sweet.

I am so excited to be included in this art party, family-style. While we take Ev out to First Fridays whenever weither permits, we often miss the cool, more down-low art parties that go on because we are too busy changing diapers and finding binkies and watching Dora and going to be at 9. Not tonight, my friends. I'll bring my camera, and hopefully be able to give you all a taste of the bizarre world of the West Bottoms (a completely strange area of KC), Kansas City meets New York art scene, and all the colorful characters who grace these kinds of events.

Now...what to wear?

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