Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sick Together

Recently Everleigh and I both got sick. It went like this: I started feeling like my throat hurt. A couple days later, I felt achy, tired and crappy. Then my nose started running like that was its job. I spent two days feeling like it might be worth it to just go ahead and die. Then I crawled out of it and got it together just in time to deal with a sick baby. And not just any sick baby. A mommy-loving, anti-sleep, high need baby. Which means I became the carrier, comforter, bather, milk fountain, nose-wiper, cradler extraordinaire. 

Whenever Ev gets sick, I am reminded of how easy I have it most of the time. She literally wants held all the time. She cries real tears if it takes me a minute to get her. After being bathed and loved up and given medicine and snuggled and read to, she will sleep for about 30-45 minutes before waking up furious that she can't breathe through her nose. Then she cries, wants held and rocked, drifts back to sleep, then become uncomfortable being held and wants to spread out on the bed. But when she lays back on the bed, she realizes she can't breathe and the cycle starts over again. And so it goes. 

Sorry for the complaint-fest...I do realize I'm blessed in so many ways. Just wanted to share the humor in the hard work that being a mom/caregiver can be sometimes. 

Hope you all are keeping the sniffles away!

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